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UNIQUE College Investing Plan

The UNIQUE College Investing Plan is New Hampshire's tax-advantaged 529 college savings plan open to all U.S. residents – parents, grandparents, and family and friends can save with the UNIQUE Plan.

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Benefits of the UNIQUE Plan include:

  • Earnings – Any earnings grow federal income tax deferred.
  • Withdrawals – Qualified withdrawals for education expenses are federal income tax free and exempt from New Hampshire interest and dividends tax.
  • Minimum Initial Investment – None.
  • High Contribution Limit – $553,098 per beneficiary.
  • Investment Options:
    • Age-based – Managed for you; asset allocation automatically becomes more conservative over time.
    • Custom – You decide how investments are distributed across different portfolios. Learn more about your investment options 
  • Investment Exchanges – Contributions and earnings may be reallocated twice each calendar year.
  • Account fees – There are no annual account maintenance fees and no income restrictions.
  • Investment expenses – Fees vary, depending on your investment strategy.

For more information about the UNIQUE Plan and how to open an account please visit the UNIQUE College Investing Plan at www.fidelity.com/UNIQUE or visit the Frequently Asked Questions page – 529 College Savings Program Questions.

For Plan Performance information please view the most recent UNIQUE College Investing Plan Annual Report.

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Video Transcript: A young couple is holding a newborn baby,
the baby is now a young boy swinging on a tree swing,
and now an older boy with his friends launching a model rocket,
and now he is a young man graduating from high school.

Cherish the present. Prepare for the future with the UNIQUE College Investing Plan.

Call 800.Fidelity or visit Fidelity.com/UNIQUE to learn more or open an Account.

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