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Cash & Investment Management

The Treasury is responsible for a wide array of cash management activities related to its role as the state's "bank".

It is the Treasury's responsibility to maintain the appropriate amount of cash when and where needed in order to fund the State's operating and capital budgets, as well as to pay for the cost of technology-intensive institutional banking products and services the Treasury utilizes. This responsibility is met in several ways, including cash flow forecasting, collecting and concentrating funds, administering disbursements, and investing available daily cash balances. The use of concentration accounts at key banking institutions allows state agencies to deposit directly into these accounts at many locations around the state. State operating funds are invested to satisfy the following priorities: 1) preservation and safety of principal, 2) liquidity maintenance, and 3) rate of return optimization, within the parameters of the first two priorities.

Deposits and Investment of Public Funds

Pursuant to Chapter 65, Laws of 2021 (RSA 6:8), the State Treasurer is authorized to deposit and invest public funds in federally insured banks chartered under the laws of New Hampshire, the federal government with a branch within the state, or any other state with a branch in New Hampshire provided that the out-of-state bank meet certain conditions as prescribed in RSA 6:8, I-a.

Prior to accepting deposits of public funds, the out-of-state-bank is required to furnish to the State Treasurer an opinion of legal counsel indicating that the state in which the out-state bank is charted allows the New Hampshire-chartered bank to accept public funds in deposit in that state in substantially the same manner and subject to substantially the same terms and conditions as permitted for banks chartered in that state. Additionally, the State Treasurer is required to confirm receipt of the opinion in writing no later than 60 days of receipt of the opinion and to make the opinion publicly available on the Treasury’s website.

Legal Opinions Furnished to the State Treasurer by Out-Of-State-Banks Pursuant to RSA 6:8, I-a

Lowell Five Cent Bank - December 29, 2023 pdf file
BankProv - May 30, 2023 pdf file

Bangor Savings Bank - October 26, 2022 pdf file
Newburyport Bank - May 20, 2022 pdf file
Enterprise Bank - April 20, 2022 pdf file
Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company March 29, 2022 pdf file
Bar Harbor Bank - January 26, 2022 pdf file

Passumpsic Bank - October 19, 2021  pdf file
Partners Bank – September 3, 2021  pdf file

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