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Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
License Compliance

The Bureau of EMS in order to protect the citizens of the State of New Hampshire, fields complaints regarding the practice of Emergency Medical Services. To make a complaint, see below the link to Complaint Form; also please reference Saf-C 5903.10 Complaints and Investigations Relating to Unit Provider Licenses. For further questions, contact:

Richard Cloutier
Email: Phone: 603-223-4200

To file a complaint, you may either fill out the pdf version below and email it according to the directions, or you can click the online complaint link and submit via that method.
PDF Version: Complaint Form Relating to Unit, Provider or Vehicle LicenseAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Investigation/Compliance Violation Publication

License # Last Name First Name Violation Date of Violation Action Date of Implementation
Calligandes George RSA153-A:13 l. (d) 7/8/2014 1 year suspension, deferred all but
9 days (time served) based on 1 year of good behavior
Calligandes George Saf-C 5908.14 (a)(2) 7/8/2014 5 year suspension, deferred all but 9 days (time served) based on 1 year of good behavior 11/20/2015
Castricone Matthew RSA 153-A:13 l. (d) 10/15/2015 1 year suspension 4/21/2016
Gleason Brian RSA 153-A13 l.(d) & (h) 1/19/2016 1 year suspension for each count to run concurrent 4/21/2016
Gleason Brian Saf-C 5908.14 (a)(2) 1/19/2016 5 year revocation 4/21/2016
White Robert RSA 153-A:13 l.(d) 5/15/2015 5 year revocation 5/13/2016
Adams Nicholas RSA 153-A:13 l. (b) & (d) 6/4/2015 1 year suspension for each count, deferred upon good behavior for 2 years 04/18/2017
30731 Seguin Christopher RSA153-A:13.l(a) & (d) 1/1-8/21/2013 I year suspension for each count to run consecutively. Unlicensed at time of finding to be imposed upon reapplication Upon Reapplication
14950 Cote Stephen RSA153-A:13.l(d) 6/5/2015 1 year suspension. Unlicended at time of finding, to be imposed upon reapplication Upon Reapplication
10301 Penney Donald RSA153-A:13 l. (a), (e) & (h) 3/29/2016 1 year suspension for each count to run consecutively. Unlicensed at time of finding to be imposed upon reapplication Upon Reapplication.
00717 Deane II Leonard RSA 153-A:13 l. (d), (e) & (h) 6/21/2016 1 year suspension for each count to run consecutively. Unlicensed at time of finding, to be imposed upon reapplication Upon Reapplication
20386 Vardaro Michael RSA153-A:13 l. (d), (f) & (g) 2/1/2016 5 year revocation and 1 year suspension to run consecutively. Unlicensed at time of finding, to be imposed upon reapplication, Upon Reapplicaiton
Unavailable Beckley Charles RSA 153-A:13 l. (d) 10/25/2017 1 year suspension for each count to run concurrent. Unlicensed at time of finding, to be imposed upon reapplication Upon Reapplication

Disclaimer: There are approximately 5,000 providers in the State of New Hampshire and some share the same name. This list of license action should be read carefully for names and license numbers. This list does not include cases that are currently open or awaiting hearings. The State of New Hamphsire does not claim liability for errors or omissions. To obtain public documentation in relation to the cases mentioned above, please contact Richard Cloutier at

License Compliance Section Purpose:
RSA 21-P:1 Purpose. - The purpose of this chapter is to improve the administration of state government by consolidating and providing unified direction of procedures, programs, and related functions in the field of public safety, in order to help assure the security and physical safety of the citizens of New Hampshire. It is the intent of the general court that this consolidation result in improved integration of state public safety functions and increased efficiency and effectiveness in the administration of these programs.

RSA 21-P:2. II. The department of safety, through its officials, shall be responsible for the following general functions:
(e) Administering and enforcing the laws relative to emergency medical services.

RSA 21-P:12-b. II. The bureau chief, under the supervision of the director of the fire standards and training and emergency medical services shall:
(h) Carry out investigations as provided under RSA 153-A:14.

License Compliance Section - Ability to Investigate:
RSA 153-A:14 Investigations. - The director shall investigate any complaint regarding the actions of any licensee licensed under this chapter or when the director has reason to believe that any licensed or unlicensed individual or entity is in violation of this chapter or any rules adopted pursuant to this chapter.

License Compliance Section - Public List of Violators:
Saf-C 5903.10 (p) Publication. - In the case of a founded complaint, if no hearing is requested, or following the conclusion of the requested hearing and any timely appeal, the division shall publish a public list of units and providers found to have violated RSA 153-A or these rules, on the Bureau of Emergency Services website. This division is not limited to that method of publications. Such public list shall specify:

  1. The name of the unit provider;
  2. The unit or provider license number;
  3. The provision(s) of RSA 153-A and/or the rules that have been violated;
  4. The date of the violation;
  5. Any action resulting in a change in status of the unit or provider license, including any prerequisites to full restoration of unit or provider license privileges; and
  6. The date of implementation and conclusion of the change in status

License Compliance Definition of Violations:
RSA 153-A: 13 Revocation of License. -
I. The commissioner shall deny an application for issuance or renewal of license, or suspend or revoke a license, when the commissioner finds that the applicant is guilty of any of the following acts or offenses:

(a) Negligence or incompetency in performing authorized services
(b) Rendering treatment not authorized under this chapter
(c) Fraud in procuring a license
(d) Knowingly making misleading, deceptive, untrue, or fraudulent representations in the practice of his or her profession, or engaging in unethical conduct or practice harmful or detrimental to the public. Proof of actual injury need not be established
(e) The illegal use of drugs
(f) Fraud in representations as to skills or ability
(g) Willful or repeated violations of this chapter or of rules adopted pursuant to this chapter
(h) Violating a statute of this state, another state, or the United States, without regard to its designation as either a felony or misdemeanor, which relates to the practice of an emergency medical care provider. A certified copy of the record of conviction or plea of guilty is prima facie evidence of a violation
(i) Having a license or registration to practice as an emergency medical care provider revoked or suspended, or having other disciplinary action taken by a licensing or registering authority of another state, territory, country, or the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. A certified copy of the record or order of suspension, revocation, or disciplinary action is prima facie evidence of such action
(j) Negligent, unsafe, or illegal operation of an emergency medical service vehicle, or negligent or unsafe use or maintenance of the safety systems of an emergency medical service vehicle
(k) Unauthorized disclosure of information regarding an individual who has received care of the services rendered to an individual
(l) Delivering emergency medical care while drug or alcohol impaired

II. A determination of mental incompetence by a court of competent jurisdiction automatically suspends a license for the duration of the license, unless the commissioner orders otherwise.

For a specific rule violation please follow the link to Saf-C 5900.

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