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Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
Research & Quality Management/TEMSIS

Richard "Chip" Cooper, Research and Quality Management Coordinator
(603) 223-4200; Toll-Free within NH (888) 827-5367

Mission: The primary mission of the Research & Quality Management Section is to provide a statewide data collection and analysis system designed to facilitate the improvement of patient care in New Hampshire. The Bureau of Emergency Medical Services has been charged to do this by statue, 21-P; 12-b (g) to "Establish a data collection and analysis capability that provides for the evaluation of the emergency medical and trauma services system and for modifications to the system based on identified gaps and shortfalls in the delivery of emergency medical and trauma services. The data resulting analysis shall be provided to the EMS Boards, provided that such use does not violate the confidentiality of recipients of emergency medical care.

How This Is Accomplished: The primary tool of the Research & Quality Management Section is the Trauma and Emergency Medical Services Information System (TEMSIS). This is an electronic data collection system used by the EMS providers throughout the State to collect out-of-hospital/EMS incidents. The intent of the system is to provide a comprehensive EMS Incident/patient care report system for providers while supplying useful data to their EMS agencies and the EMS Bureau.

The Uses of EMS Data: There are many uses for the data outside the creation of a patient care or EMS Incident report. First, EMS agencies can use the data to understand the patients they serve, their performance, and to assist their budget process. As for the State, there are several Boards that can use the data to facilitate their work. Currently data are provided to the New Hampshire Medical Control Board, Emergency Medical and Trauma Services Coordinating Board and Trauma and the Trauma Medical Review Committee, enabling physicians and board members who oversee the state system to accurately assess the effectiveness of the skills and procedures that are provided in the field. Data will also be used for education, preparedness, research, and prevention purposes.

Other Facts About TEMSIS:

  • The data system came online in 2005.
  • Since January 1, 2011, all EMS services, transporting and non-transporting, are required to submit reports into the TEMSIS system for any EMS Incident within 24 hours of the incident (Saf-C 5902.08 and .09).
  • EMS services may use software other than TEMSIS to collect the EMS Incident Report, but the software must be capable of collecting the data required in the TEMSIS system and exporting that information into the TEMSIS system. Services that choose to use third-party software are still required to submit EMS Incident Reports into TEMSIS within 24 hours of the event.
  • The TEMSIS system is the data format based on the National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS), which is the national EMS data standard. This will allow non-identifying data from New Hampshire to be combined with other states, in order to better understand Emergency Medical Services within the United States. New Hampshire is proud that it is the second state in the nation to provide data to the national database.
  • The Research & Quality Management Section also works closely with other state EMS sections to link various databases and meet the technical and research needs of the Bureau of EMS.

Reference Material About TEMSIS: Please refer to the Documents & Forms section of this Web site for a complete listing of all publications.


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