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Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
Boards & Commissions
Medical Control Board
Board Members

The NH Medical Services Medical Control Board pursuant to RSA 153-A:5.

I. There is established an emergency medical services medical control board which shall consist of:
(a) A minimum of 5 physicians representing different geographic areas of the state who shall be nominated by the councils established under RSA 153-A:6 and confirmed by the board and a physician representative of the trauma medical review committee.
(b) The commissioner, or designee, who shall serve as a nonvoting member and as executive secretary.
(c) The state medical director for emergency medical services, appointed by the commissioner pursuant to RSA 153-A:7, II(c), who shall serve as a nonvoting member.
II. The terms of each member shall be 3 years. The chair shall be appointed by the commissioner. The emergency medical services medical control board shall nominate one of its members to the governor for appointment to the coordinating board established in RSA 153-A:3.

Dr. Thomas Trimarco (term expires November 30, 2024)

Dr. Jon Gray (term expires November 18, 2024)

Dr. James Suozzi - (term expired May 31, 2022)

Dr. Brian Sweeney (term expires March 15, 2024)

Dr. Patrick Lee (term expires January 18, 2024)

Dr. Michelle Nathan - Vice Chair (term expires May 17, 2024)


Dr. John Freese (term expires November 19, 2023)


Dr. Robert Rix - Chair (term expires March 21, 2022)

Dr. Joshua Morrison (term expires November 19, 2023)

Dr. Andrew Seefeld (term expires November 16, 2023)


Dr. Frank Hubbell (term expires May 31, 2022)

Dr. David Hirsch (term expires November 19, 2023)

Dr. Jared Blum (term expires November 19, 2023)

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