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About Us  

Art Matters

The arts contribute to the quality of life and to the economy in New Hampshire. This portal presents a wide range of reports and information on how the arts matter.

Spotlights bring you a glimpse into some of the creative ways the arts are making a difference in communities throughout New Hampshire.

Artists are the heart and soul of a strong arts community. Learn more about our Artist Services.

Arts in the schools help to build creative thinkers and problem solvers. Learn more about our Arts Education program.

Engagement in the arts can promote healing for individuals with health challenges. Learn more about our Arts in Health initiaive.

Quality of life is improved in communities through engagement in the arts. Learn more about our Creative Communities program.

Artistic traditions provide a source of identify and pride for communities and offer authentic experiences for visitors. Learn more about our Heritage & Traditional Arts program.

Information below is grouped by:

Our NEA Partner & Our Strategic Plan:

The NHSCA receives funding to carry out our grants, programs, and services from State appropriations, a portion of the DNCR's allocated Conservation Moose Plate funds, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Our public investment in the arts allows us to carry out the goals, objectives and strategies of our strategic plan - a plan developed through conversation with and input from the public.

Our current strategic plan is:

New Hampshire State Council on the Arts Strategic Plan 2019-2021 (PDF)

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State Arts Council Facts & Figures:

  • Grants funded: Listings of grants funded accompanied by reporting and impact statistics for the previous years.
  • Financial Reports: Reports submitted to Governor & Executive Council.

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Surveys can provide valuable information and perspectives. Here are a few conducted in New Hampshire that tell important stories about how and why art matters:

New Hampshire Arts in Health Care Survey Report - Integrating the Arts and Healing: In 2013, a survey was conducted to evaluate the variety, depth, outcomes, and funding of arts-in-health programs in the state of New Hampshire. Survey analysis by the Arts Education Partnership.

Measuring Up - The New Hampshire Arts Education Data Project:
In 2010, the first major survey of student access to arts education in New Hampshire, carried out in partnership with the NH Department of Education and the Arts Alliance of Northern NH. Survey design and analysis by Quadrant Research.

New Hampshire Statewide Arts & Economic Prosperity IV Survey: In 2011, the State Arts Council invited all cultural non-profits to participate in a survey to help assess the way arts contribute to a thriving economy. Funding for the survey and analysis was provided by the Putnam Foundation and Tom Putnam of Keene.

To learn more about Americans for the Arts and their national statistics on arts & the economy, click here.

State Arts Council Surveys:
Surveys are conducted in concert with the development of our strategic plan and inform us of constituent priorities and needs.

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Info, Research & More:

Giving Matters: an audio showcase of nonprofit organizations and the ways in which they strengthen communities and enrich lives. The series is a joint project of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and NHPR. Click here for links to specific programs featuring arts and cultural nonprofit organizations.

Americans for the Arts: An organization dedicated to representing and serving local communities and creating opportunities for every American to participate in and appreciate all forms of the arts.

  • Research & Information
  • NH Creative Industries Report: PDF
  • US States Comparative Report: PDF
  • NH Creative Industries Report Congressional District 1: PDF
  • NH Creative Industries Report Congressional District 2: PDF

American Planning Association: An organization that brings together planners, citizens and elected officials committed to making great communities happen.

  • Arts, Culture & Creativity Project: A series of briefing papers to illustrate how planners use arts and culture strategies to achieve economic, social, environmental and community goals. A collaborative project of APA and RMC in Portsmouth, NH.

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies: An organization serving state arts agencies and a leader in arts research and advocacy Learn more:

New England Foundation for the Arts: An organization serving arts organizations and artists in the six New England states as well as providing national leadership in arts programming.

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Last updated: January 9, 2019

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