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Arts & Economic Prosperity IV Survey

In 2011, the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts entered into a partnership with Americans for the Arts (AFTA) to conduct an important statewide survey measuring the economic impact of the arts and culture in New Hampshire called Arts & Economic Prosperity IV.

Economic data was collected from nonprofit arts and culture organizations and from audiences attending events. The results will generate statewide and local visibility for how arts programs sponsored by nonprofits enliven our economy.

Creative Solutions: A look at the economic impact of NH’s cultural nonprofits.
On March 13, 2013 Americans for the Arts' Randy Cohen gave a presentation at the Capitol Center for the Arts on the results of the Arts & Economic Prosperity IV Survey. The event was filmed by Concord TV, and will soon be available on their website. Click here to learn more

Click on the PDF links for results of the statewide survey.

  • Summary of Findings (2 pages): PDF
  • Final Report (26 pages + cover): PDF

New Hampshire's results to AFTA's Arts & Economic Prosperity IV survey as the result of two data gathering instruments:

  • Responses to Organizational Expenditure surveys:
    161 of New Hampshire’s approximately 773 eligible nonprofit arts and culture organizations that were identified by the N.H. State Council on the Arts reported their expenditures and other economic indicators from their 2010 fiscal years.
  • Click here for the list of participating New Hampshire nonprofit arts and culture organizations.
  • Click here for the full list of nonprofit arts and culture organizations contacted.
  • Responses to Audience Expenditure surveys:
    3,433 audience members that attended the arts and culture events of participating nonprofit arts and culture organizations from July to December, 2011 reported how much they spent at local restaurants, hotels, retail stores, parking garages and other businesses.

For more information on New Hampshire's participation in AFTA's Arts & Economic Prosperity IV: Report for the State of New Hampshire, see:

  • Frequently Asked Questions: PDF
  • Supporting quotations from New Hampshire leaders and from Americans for the Arts: PDF
  • Press Release

Five New Hampshire communities also participated in Arts & Economic Prosperity IV. For information on these communities and their local results, click on the links below:

New Hampshire’s statewide participation in the Arts & Economic Prosperity IV survey was underwritten through private donations from Tom Putnam and the Putnam Foundation. 

The New Hampshire Business Committee on the Arts helped to identify private funding for the survey, believing that the results will provide solid information that can be used to promote a deeper understanding of the arts and attract support for the arts on a broader scale.

We would like to thank all the organizations and audience members who took the time to complete the surveys.  We would also like to thank our volunteers that collected surveys on our behalf at cultural events throughout the State during the summer and fall.

Americans for the Arts has conducted similar economic impact studies in more than 250 communities nationwide. Click here for more on AFTA's survey model.


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Last updated: March 14, 2013

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