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Hints on Searching our Site

This is a keyword search engine and will search its database of webpages from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts website for any search terms entered. Listed below are some of the ways you can refine your search.

Boolean expressions

  • You can combine the Boolean operators - AND, OR, NOT (must be upper case) - with your search words, eg:

    image NOT word

    You have several choices which you can combine in various ways when the advanced options are available:


  • Select "Any" to search for web pages that contain one, some or all of the required words
  • Select "All" to search for web pages that contain every one of the required words


  • Select whether you want a lengthy account of each hit ("Long - Page Title and Description") or just a brief summary ("Short - Page Title Only")

Note that this engine searches for words only - you cannot search for a phrase.

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