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Boards and Commissions

NH Fire Standards and Training Commission

Visiting Committee's seeking membership:
The Fire Standards and Training Commission is seeking individuals who are interested in participating in a Visiting Committee to evaluation and revision of a Fire Investigator program in New Hampshire. This program is up for review due to an update with the NFPA 1033 standard.

For anyone interested in the Visiting Committee, please fill out the membership request form by clicking on the link below. Request will be taken until April 7, 2023.


NH Fire Standards and Training Commission Reference Manual:
New Hampshire Statutes
Chapter 91-A: Access to Governmental Records and Meetings

Title I - The State and its Government
Chapter 21-P
Section 21-P:12-a, Division of Fire Standards and Training and Emergency Medical Services; Disposition of Funds
Section 21-P:12-b, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
Section 21-P:12-c, Liability Limited; State Certified Fire Instructors
Section 21-P:12-d, Fire Standards and Training and Emergency Medical Services Fund
Section 21-P:12-e, Fire Standards and Training, Emergency Medical Services, and Fire Safety Report and Budget
Section 21-P:25, FST Commission, Program Authorized; Definitions
Section 21-P:26, Fire Standards and Training Commission
Section 21-P:27, FST Commission Rulemaking Authority
Section 21-P:28, FST Commission Powers and Duties
Section 21-P:29, FST Commission Educational and Training Requirements; Certification
Section 21-P:32, FST Commission Facilities
Section 21-P:33, FST Commission Delegation

DOS Administrative Rules
Fire 100-Organizational Rules and Fire 200-
Petitions and Hearing Practice and Procedures (Adopted June 28, 2017)
Fire 300 - 900 (Adopted June 28, 2017)

Chapter Saf-C 3900 Incident Command System
Chapter Saf-C 6200 Administrative Fees

Bureau of Emergency Medical Services’ Boards and Commissions

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