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Staff Directory

Phones: Local (603) 223-4200 Toll Free (800) 371-4503 FAX: (603) 271-1091 Gorham EMS Office: (603) 752-8029
Administration, Division of Fire Standards and Training & Emergency Medical Services (NH FST&EMS)
Justin A. Cutting Director
Cell: (603) 496-6112


Administrative Assistant  

Jeffrey Phillips

Assistant Director
Cell: (603) 419-9457

Andy Anderson

Bureau Chief of Firefighter Training
Cell: 603-491-3903

Scott Doherty

Bureau Chief of Certification and Support
Cell: (603) 931-9117

Justin Romanello

Bureau Chief of Emergency Medical Services
Cell: (603) 573-6307

Heather Clough

Administrative Supervisor,
Payroll, Agreements, and New Hire Paperwork

Brenda Marston

Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Practical Exam Preparation


Chief of Strategy and Planning

Kris Soderberg (PT)

Program Coordinator, Strategy and Planning

William Wood

Preparedness, Special Projects, and AED Coordinator


SAMHSA Program Manager  


SAMHSA Program Specialist  

Laurie Warnock (PT)

Program Coordinator, First Responder Opioid Training & Outreach

Liz Goguet



Compliance Support
Bureau of Firefighter Training
Andy Anderson Bureau Chief
Cell: 603-491-3903

Becky Cournoyer

Dormitory and Facility Reservations

Steve Colburn (PT)

Program Coordinator, Fleet Mechanic


Program Coordinator, Communications  


Captain (Northern NH)
Rescue Systems I/II, Rope Rescue Operations, Rope Rescue Technician, Ice Rescue, Swiftwater I/II, Swiftwater Boat

Ben Thibault (PT)

Water Rescue Program Coordinator

Ted Tillson

Captain (Southwestern NH, west of Goffstown/Bedford)
Wildland Program, Industrial Training, LRCC FFII Program
Cell: 603-573-6270

David Jones (PT)

Program Coordinator, Wildland Firefighter, and Course Make-Ups

Daniel Tice

Captain (Southeastern NH, east of Goffstown/Bedford)
Driver/Operator and ARFF
Cell: (603) 573-6208

Ted Starkweather (PT)

Program Coordinator, ARFF

Eric Uitts (PT)

Program Coordinator, Driver/Operator

John Keller

Captain (Fire Academy/Concord)
LRCC FFI, HazMat Programs, Confined Space Rescue,Trench Rescue, FFII Rescue Skills
Cell: 603-960-0503

Jeffrey Allison (PT)

Program Coordinator, Hazardous Materials

Todd Monroe (PT)

Program Coordinator, O51 Scheduling

Tom Nault (PT)

Program Coordinator, SCBA Maintenance  
Bureau of Certification and Support
Scott Doherty Bureau Chief
Cell: (603) 931-9117

Scott Cathy

Fire Officer, CPAT, Incident Command, National Fire Academy (NFA), Certification and Accreditation

Scott Merrill (PT)

CPAT Program Coordinator

Matthew Lamothe (PT)

Program Coordinator, Promotion Exams


Program Coordinator, Fire Officer  

Gregory Brown

Instructor, Inspector, EMS in the Warm Zone

Chris Pixley (PT)

Program Coordinator, Instructor Mentoring

Don Waldron (PT)

Program Coordinator, Instructor

Peter Lennon (PT)

Program Coordinator, Fire Inspector

Christopher Wyman (PT)

Program Coordinator, Fire Investigator  

Christopher Rousseau

Education Technology Supervisor, Reciprocity

Liam Jewell

Educational Technologist

Don Himsel

Educational Technologist, Project Manager

Chris Buchanan (PT)

Educational Technologist

David Vogt (PT)

Program Coordinator, Educational Technologist

Kyle Snowdon (PT)

Program Coordinator, Information Technology

Hayley O'Brien

Administrative Supervisor,
Accounts Receivable/Billing, Reciprocity/Equivalency, VA Certifying Official


Alyceson Ford

Program Assistant
Course processing for Firefighter, Instructor, Inspector, E-Learning, ARFF, and Driver/Operator. Monthly Testing Registration. Hotline inquiries about how to become a firefighter.

Dawn O'Brien

Program Assistant
Course processing for NFA, Homeland Security, E-Learning, Train the Trainers, EMS & Fire Continuing Education, Incident Command, Investigator, CPAT, and Three State Weekend.


Lucie Roy

Program Assistant
BEMS Support, EMS exam registration

Brenda Rowe

Program Assistant, Reception Coverage

Donna LeBlanc

Program Assistant, Reception Coverage
Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
Justin Romanello Bureau Chief
Cell: (603) 573-6307

Karen Louis

Education Delivery:
Continuing Education, Challenge Courses, and High School Programs Coordinator


Education Delivery:
State Initial Program Coordinator


Education Delivery:
Simulation Program Coordinator

Kathy Doolan

EMS Operations - Licensing, Inspections, and Education Regulation


Licensing Coordinator, Ambulance Inspections, New Account support  

Maria Varanka

Training Coordinator

Diane Bunnell

Ambulance Inspections, Licensing support, EMS course coordination

Liza Burrill

Special Projects / Training Agencies

Vicki Blanchard

Clinical Systems: Trauma, STEMI, Stroke, Protocols and MIH Programs

Walter Trachim

Education Delivery:
Trauma Program Coordinator

Richard "Chip" Cooper

Emergency Services Data Management, RespondNH

Joanne Lahaie

Data Analyst

Nicholas Bibeau

Emergency Services Records Management Coordinator

Joseph Cartier

Emergency Services Reporting Coordinator
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