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Bureau of Fire Training and Administration:
State Entrance Testing

The New Hampshire Fire Standards and Training Commission mandates entrance testing which is described below:

NOTE: NH fire departments are allowed to hire new firefighters who are not yet certified in Firefighter II; new hires have up to a year from the date of hire to obtain their Firefighter II certification. However, most NH fire departments prefer to hire firefighters who have already obtained their Firefighter II certifications.

Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT): In 2019, the CPAT will be held at the Merrill Fay Ice Arena, 468 Province Road in Laconia, NH 03246. In September only, the test will be held at the NH Fire Academy, 98 Smokey Bear Blvd, Concord NH 03301. FOUR different testing dates will be offered. There are two guides that provide the candidate information on how to physically prepare for the event; these are the CPAT Orientation Guide and the CPAT Preparation Guide. Links to both are listed at the bottom of this page.
NOTE: CPAT is a pre-hiring requirement! New candidates cannot be hired as full time firefighters without a valid CPAT certificate, dated 26 months or less prior to the hiring date.

Acrophobia Test: This portion of the test is administered by the hiring fire department and is NOT included in the State Entrance Test. The Acrophobia Test is assessed by climbing (on belay) of a 100-foot aerial, set between 65-75 degrees. The candidate must climb up and down the aerial without stopping for more than a total of 30 seconds.

The NH State Entrance Test application process is advertised over social media outlets Facebook and Instagram, as well as the NHFSTEMS Email List Serve.

The application process has two parts: An application page with payment to send in; and a Medical Release Form (physician release statement) that also must be returned to the NH Fire Academy. Each has a posted deadline that must be adhered to in order for us to plan and schedule the event.

Below is a list containing all the documents needed to successfully understand and apply for the State Entrance Test:

CPAT Application Packet 2019Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol - Application Window is now OPEN for the 2019 CPAT testing dates.

CPAT Orientation Video

CPAT Orientation Guide adobe acrobat reader symbol

CPAT Preparation Guide adobe acrobat reader symbol

CPAT Department Agreement FormAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Frequently Asked Questions about State Entrance Testing.

Please refer to the Documents & Forms section of this Web site for a complete listing of all publications.

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