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Dormitory and Facility Information

Dormitory Building Information

domitory front view New addition of dormitory
Dormitory Building - "Old" Side Dormitory Building - "New" Side
  • The Richard M. Flynn Fire Academy enjoys the use of a 80-bed, state-of-the-art residential facility on the Academy campus.
  • This facility is available free of charge to New Hampshire affiliated firefighters taking any type of program run at the Academy.
  • A fee of $40.00 per night, per person is charged for non-fire service or out-of-state fire service personnel.
  • Single rooms in the newer wing of the dormitory have their own bathrooms. (top left photo)
  • In the original dormitory building, 2 double rooms share a bathroom. (top right photo)
  • Towels and bedding (sheets, blankets, and pillows) are included, but toiletries are not.
  • A full kitchen is available in the dormitory. (Students have preference for its use.) A day room adjoins the kitchen.
  • The dormitory also has an exercise room, complete with 2 treadmills, a weight machine, 1 elliptical exercise machine, 2 stationary bikes, and 1 stairmaster.

How to Reserve Dormitory Rooms:
Fill out the Resource Request Form.

Richard M. Flynn Administration Building & Training Grounds

Administration Building
Administration Building
  • The Concord Campus also includes a 4-bay fire station and training ground with 2 burn buildings and a flashover simulator.
  • The Administration Building on campus has an auditorium with a seating capacity of 120 people.
  • Several classrooms with different capacities are also available, and there is a cafeteria with vending machines.

Raymond S. Burton Fire & EMS Training Facility

North Country Training Facility
Burn Tower
Classroom Building
Burn Tower
Classroom Buliding

The Raymond S. Burton Fire and EMS Training Facility in Bethlehem, NH has a burn building as well as a 50-seat classroom and an equipment and decontamination bay.

For questions about the facilities at either the Concord or Bethlehem locations:
Call the Facilities Coordinator at the Academy (603) 223-4225, OR...
Email, and your email will be directed to the Facilities Coordinator.

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