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Protected Health Information; Privacy Committee
Privacy Committee Members

Name Affiliation Contact Information
Drabik, Lisa Commissioner Appointed
Hastings, Mark NH Coordinating Board
Hornblower, Ryan NH Coordinating Board
Jarvis, Theresa NH Coordinating Board
Miller, Chad Commissioner Appointed
Sheridan, Laura NH Coordinating Board
Romanello, Justin Commissioner Designee

There is hereby established a privacy committee which shall review and approve requests for the use of emergency medical and trauma services records data for the purposes of research or analyses and other uses for evaluation not provided for under RSA 21-P:12-b, II(g). The privacy committee shall consist of 7 members who shall include the director, or designee, 4 members of the emergency medical and trauma services coordinating board, appointed by the chair of the board, and 2 persons who are not affiliated with the department and who are not part of the immediate family of a person who is affiliated with the department, appointed by the commissioner.
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