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Furloughed Workforce During COVID-19 State of Emergency: Effect on Workers Compensation Insurance Premium FAQ

  • Process to follow if you have a dispute regarding your Worker’ Compensation classification, experience modification or manual rules
    • Discuss with your agent and company.
    • Contact NCCI – 1-800-622-4123, they will be able to provide you with detailed descriptions of the classifications in question.
    If you are still not certain that you are in the correct Workers’ Compensation classification, then you should request an NCCI inspection. There will be a charge for this inspection.
    After this inspection, if you still feel that the Workers’ Compensation classification of your business is incorrect, then you may request a hearing. This request is to be sent to NCCI, Inc., 901 Peninsula Corporate Circle, Boca Raton, FL 33487. This request is to include:
    • A statement signed by you that a hearing is requested.
    • A clear, concise statement of the issue or question to be resolved.
    • A copy of any relevant policy of insurance, Workers’ Compensation experience rating worksheet and/or audit information.
    • A statement of the specific rules or statutes you believe may be relevant.
    • A statement of the relief you are requesting.
    A hearing will be scheduled in New Hampshire and your complaint will be heard by the New Hampshire Workers’ Compensation Classification and Rating Appeals Board. This Board is made up of two members from agencies, two members from insurance companies, two public members, a non-voting member from NCCI and a non-voting member from the New Hampshire Insurance Department. You will receive the decision within thirty days of this hearing.
    If you still feel aggrieved by this decision, you may petition the Insurance Commissioner for a hearing at the New Hampshire Insurance Department pursuant to RSA 400-A:17 or RSA 412:41 and in accordance with the provisions of NHCAR Part INS 200 and RSA 541-A.

Hearings Scheduled Before the Insurance Commissioner pursuant to RSA 400-A:17 or RSA 412:41 and in accordance with the provisions of NHCAR Part INS 200 and RSA 541-A.

Docket Number Entity Appealing Hearing Date and Time
INS 21-050-DJ
July 26, 2021
July 30, 2021
October 15, 2021
November 10, 2021
November 19, 2021
INS 20-079-AP
Customer Engineering Services
INS 18-144-AP
Manchester Roofing Company, Inc. v. BerkleyNet
INS 17-006-AP
The Mental Health Center of Southern NH, dba CLM Center of Life Management
INS 13-033-AP
Nature's Classroom
INS 12-017-AP
Steel Elements International LLC
INS 11-007-AP
SPS Spindle Parts and Service
INS 11-008-AP
Majestic Reposession and Transportation Corp.
INS 04-041-AP
Serenity Power Plus Inc.



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