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Workers' Compensation Rate and Form Filings Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why is my premium so high when I have only one employee?
    • There is always a minimum premium an insurance company can charge to recoup administrative expenses.
  • Can I exclude myself from my workers’ compensation policy?
    • In the state of New Hampshire, three owners/members/executive officers can be excluded. You are NOT automatically excluded. You have to ask your insurance company to submit paperwork with the Department of Labor to be excluded.
  • Does a sole proprietor working for a general contractor need a workers’ compensation policy by law?
    • It is not required by law for the sole proprietor to have Workers’ Compensation coverage. However, a General Contractor might require the sole proprietor to have this coverage.
  • Do I need a workers’ compensation policy for volunteer workers?
    • Workers’ Compensation coverage is not needed for the volunteer workers in the state of New Hampshire (exceptions apply). Although, it is always a good practice to talk to your insurance company to see if you need a basic coverage.
  • Where can I get a list of insurance companies offering workers’ compensation coverage in New Hampshire?
  • Do I need a separate workers’ compensation policy for my employees who travel out of country on a regular basis but just for few days every month?
    • If the employees travel outside of the country just a couple of times a year, for 3-4 days, the standard workers’ compensation policy will provide statutory state coverage. This means normal state benefits would apply to the employees, even if they were injured in the course of their work outside of the country. Generally, the policy will not cover any other country’s benefits or work related injury laws. For your specific situation, contact your agent/insurance company.
  • My company is located outside of the state of New Hampshire. If my employee travels to the state of New Hampshire to perform work, do I need to purchase additional Workers’ Compensation coverage?
    • Yes, you may have to purchase additional coverage. Under our State's labor laws there is a requirement that all workers in New Hampshire be covered for workers’ compensation coverage. This requirement applies to anyone stopping and working in the state. However, the same requirement would not apply to someone just traveling through the state.
  • Do I need a workers’ compensation policy in the state of New Hampshire if I own a company in New Hampshire but my entire payroll is in other state?
    • No. Workers’ Compensation policy premium is based on the payroll. If you do not have any payroll in the state of New Hampshire, you do not need to have a policy in the State. However, you should check with the state where your payroll is generated since you might be required to have a Workers’ Compensation policy in that state.
  • Can I get different pricing (quotes) from different insurance companies for my Workers’ Compensation insurance?
    • Voluntary market customers should be able to get different pricing from various insurance companies. However, choices are limited in the Assigned Risk Pool market.
  • Can an employer pay for employee’s injury even if they have Workers’ Compensation insurance?
  • How many days do insurance companies have to issue a premium audit refund?
    • Insurance companies have 30 days to issue a premium audit refund.
  • Can I cancel my Workers’ Compensation policy early?
    • You may cancel your Workers’ Compensation policy early, but there is an early cancellation penalty associated in accordance with NCCI Basic Rule Manual.
  • Can my insurance company cancel my Workers’ Compensation policy anytime?
    • A Workers’ Compensation policy can be cancelled by the insurance company anytime as long as they provide a 45 day notice (Note: Only a 30 day notice is required in case of non-payment).
  • How do I file for an employee versus independent contractor dispute?
    • An employee vs. Independent contractor dispute can be filed with the Department of Labor by calling (603) 271-3176.
  • How do I file a dispute with my insurance company for using an incorrect classification code?
    • A classification code dispute can be filed by calling NCCI at (800) 622-4123.
  • Does New Hampshire have a fee schedule?
    • No, New Hampshire does not have a fee schedule at this time.
  • How can I get loss cost multipliers from previous years?
  • Is waiver of subrogation allowed in New Hampshire?
    • No. Waiver of subrogation is not allowed in the state of New Hampshire.
  • What are the limits for Workers’ Compensation in the State of New Hampshire?
    • There are no specific limits in the state of New Hampshire. Reimbursement for medical cost is unlimited but there are some limitations on the indemnity cost reimbursement.
  • Can I settle my Workers’ Compensation Claim?
    • You can settle the indemnity portion of your claim. Medical settlements are not allowed in New Hampshire.
  • What are the split point amounts in the State of New Hampshire?
    • The split point amount in the state of New Hampshire is $15,500.
  • Can an insurance company charge more than assigned risk policy?
    • An insurance company can charge more than an assigned risk policy, but they have to inform the insured that the premium is higher than the assigned risk market.

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