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Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

Bill Wood, Preparedness Coordinator
(603) 223-4228
(603)-271-4567 ( Fax )

The New Hampshire Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (NHBEMS) actively supports the use of AED's in the towns and cities throughout New Hampshire. AED devices are known to significantly improve the chance of survival in a patient experiencing a cardiac arrest (SCA). Therefore, one of the many NHBEMS goals is to increase accessibility to AED's in all sections of the state.

From 2002 to 2005, NHBEMS a federal Department of Health and Human Services "Rural Access to Emergency Medical Devices" Grant that placed 758 AED's in many of the state's rural communities. These AED placements were coordinated with assistance of the five EMS Regional Councils and community partners.

In July 2002, the New Hampshire Legislature passed Automated External Defibrillator laws regarding the intent, definitions, training, limited liability and anAED Registry to encourage the availability and use of AED devices throughout the state.

The "NH AED Registry" is a database of AED's located in "fixed" locations and is a collaborative effort between and AED purchaser and NHBEMS created to record AED's located in New Hampshire. The "AED Registry" assists NHBEMS in contacting AED owners in the event of device recalls or providing updated AED-related information. NHBEMS provides the NH Bureau of Emergency Communications (NH 911) with the AED location information for inclusion in their call screen database. When the 911 Telecommunicator receives an emergency call from the assigned phone number, this screen will prompt them to tell the caller about the location of the AED if the emergency is a potential cardiac arrest.

The New Hampshire Bureau of Purchase and Property, Department of Administrative Services has established a statewide contract to provide reduced pricing on AED equipment. This "AED direct purchase opportunity" is available to any New Hampshire organizations. Contact Bill Wood, Preparedness Coordinator, as noted above for additional information on this process.

School districts, in cooperation with the New Hampshire Department of Education, are actively involved in the placement of AED's in school facilities. NHBEMS and the NH EMS for Children Project at Dartmouth (EMS-C) have created a resource document entitled "Public Access Defibrillation in New Hampshire Schools" adobe acrobat reader symbol in order to assist schools with issues surrounding AED availability. This resource document includes suggestions for implementing Public Access Defibrillation or a PAD program, ideas for placement of the machines, and information on how a school can help reduce the risk of sudden cardiac deaths. The NH AED Commission established in July 2007, was legislatively established to promote AED availability in New Hampshire schools.

NHBEMS and the NH Affiliate of the American Heart Association have developed a HeartSafe Communities Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol designation program for local communities. The intent is to promote and recognize the availability of accessible AED's statewide.

The New Hampshire Bureau of Emergency Medical Services is pleased to be actively involved in assisting with the implementation of PAD programs. For assistance with AED-related questions please e-mail, or contact Bill Wood at (603)-223-4228.

Please refer to the Documents & Forms section of this Web site for a complete listing of AED Materials.

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