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Last Updated 1/7/2015

City/Town/County/School District/University Union/Association Contract Duration
Salem Administrative & Technical Employees SEIU 2012-2015
Salem Association of Food Service NEA-NH 2014-2017
Salem Education Association NEA-NH 2014-2016
Salem Educational Personnel Association NEA-NH 2014-2017
Salem Educational Support Personnel Association NEA-NH 2014-2015
Salem Firefighters IAFF 2011-2015
Salem Police Teamsters 2012-2015
Salem Public Administrators Association non-affiliated 2012-2015
Salem School Custodians Employees Association non-affiliated 2014-2017
Salem Public Works AFSCME 2012-2015
Sanborn Education Association NEA-NH 2013-2016
Sanborn Education Support Staff NEA-NH 2013-2015
Sandown Police Teamsters 2012-2015
Seabrook Firefighters IAFF 2007-2008
Seabrook Police NEPBA 2012-2015
Seabrook Town Employees SEIU 2012-2015
Seabrook Town Supervisors AFSCME 2012-2015
Seacoast Education Association NEA-NH 2014-2016
Seacoast Educational Support Personnel NEA-NH 2012-2015
Shaker Regional Education Association NEA-NH 2012-2015
Somersworth Association of Educators NEA-NH 2014-2016
Somersworth City Wastewater non-affiliated 2013-2016

Somersworth Educational Support Personnel Association

NEA-NH 2014-2015
Somersworth Firefighters IAFF 2010-2012
Somersworth Police Employees NEPBA 2013-2016
Somersworth Public Administrators Association non-affiliated 2013-2015
Somersworth Public Works AFSCME 2013-2015
Somersworth School Clerical/Aide NEA-NH 2014-2016
State of New Hampshire SEIU 2013-2015
State of New Hampshire - Community College System of NH SEIU 2013-2016
State of New Hampshire - Corrections Teamsters 2013-2015
State of New Hampshire - Fish & Game Conservation Officers NEPBA 2013-2015
State of New Hampshire - Fish & Game Conservation Supervisors NEPBA 2013-2015
State of New Hampshire - Judicial Branch (Court Assistants) SEIU 2014-2015
State of New Hampshire - Judicial Branch (Court Security Officers) Teamsters 2013-2015
State of New Hampshire - Liquor Investigators NEPBA 2013-2015
State of New Hampshire - Probation Parole Officers I and II, Local 265 NEPBA 2013-2015
State of New Hampshire - Probation Parole Officers III, Local 270 NEPBA 2013-2015
State of New Hampshire - NH Retirement System SEIU 2014-2016
State of New Hampshire - New Hampshire Troopers Association non-affiliated 2013-2015
Strafford Education Association NEA-NH 2012-2015
Strafford County Corrections/Riverside Rest Home SEIU 2014
Stratford Teachers Association NEA-NH 2012-2015
Stratham Teachers Association NEA-NH 2012-2015
Sugar River Education Association NEA-NH 2014-2017

Sullivan County Nursing Home

AFSCME 2014-2017
Sunapee Teachers NEA-NH 2013-2016
Swanzey Police Association Teamsters 2006-2008
Tamworth Education Association NEA-NH 2014-2017
Tamworth Education Support Personnel NEA-NH 2013-2016
Thornton Education Association NEA-NH 2013-2015
Thornton School Support Staff NEA-NH 2014-2017
Tilton Police Officers NEPBA 2014-2017
Timberlane School Support Staff AFT-NH 2014
Timberlane Teachers Association AFT-NH 2013-2016
Unity Education Association NEA-NH 2008-2009
University of NH - Police Teamsters 2014-2017
University of NH - Professors AAUP 2010-2015
Wakefield Education Association NEA-NH 2013-2016
Wakefield Paraprofessional Union NEA-NH 2013-2015
Waterville Valley Education Association NEA-NH 2013-2015
Weare Education Association NEA-NH 2012-2014
Weare Education Support Staff AFT 2013-2016
Weare Police Employees AFSCME 2013-2014
Weare Public Works AFSCME 2013-2014
Wentworth Education Association NEA-NH 2014-2016
Westmoreland Teachers NEA-NH 2013-2017
White Mountain Education Association NEA-NH 2014-2015
White Mountain Education Support Personnel NEA-NH 2014-2015
Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative Support Staff NEA-NH 2011-2013
Wilton-Lyndeborough Teachers NEA-NH 2014-2017
Wilton Education Association NEA-NH 2007-2010
Winchester School Support Staff NEA-NH 2013-2015
Winchester Teachers Association NEA-NH 2007-2010
Windham Education Association NEA-NH 2014-2016
Windham Firefighters IAFF 2011-2017
Windham Police AFSCME 2011-2017
Windham School Assistants (Instructional Assistants) AFSCME 2013-2017
Windham Support Staff-Town AFSCME 2014-2017
Winnisquam School Custodians AFSCME 2014-2017

Winnisquam School Paraprofessional Employees

AFSCME 2014-2016
Winnisquam Teachers Association NEA-NH 2012-2013
Wolfeboro Police Employees NEPBA 2010
Wolfeboro Town Employees AFSCME 2013-2014

Yankee Greyhound Race Track (Maintenance)
Contract Extension

Teamsters 2006-2008
Yankee Greyhound Race Track (Officials) Teamsters 2006-2008

Yankee Greyhound Race Track (Security)
Contract Extension

Teamsters 2006-2008
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