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Legal Information
New Hampshire's insurance laws and Insurance Department regulations may be found on this page. This page also contains information on company rehabilitations and liquidations, and Insurance Department rulemaking.

Insurance Department Legal Information

Administrative Rules and Statutes

Network Adequacy Working Group

Company Rehabilitations

Company Liquidations/Receiverships

Public Hearings and Notices:

Subject Hearing Date and Time






Insurance Department Rulemaking (Proposed and Recently Adopted Rules)

All documents saved in Adobe Acrobat Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbolunless otherwise noted.

Rule No. Title of Rules/Adoption Date/Effective Date Date/Time of Hearing
Close Date for Written Comments
Agency Contact Person
INS 310 Military Sales Practices

Adopted 04/20/16

Heather Silverstein
INS 4400 Stop Loss Insurance Initial Proposal David Sky
*Rate Filing Exhibit Template Version 5 * Microsoft Excel Symbol
**Do not attempt to open the file from this location**
Instead, save the template file to your local server. Opening the file will only create a new Excel Workbook.
Explanation of Exhibit Template Updates Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
User Manual Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Instructions to Address Confidentiality of Certain Exhibits Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
(Last Updated 08/19/13)
All filings submitted on or after 10/01/2013 must use Version 5.
Carriers making rate filings with effective dates on or after 01/01/2014 that were approved or submitted prior to 10/01/2013 will need to send an updated workbook based on the version 5 template to the Department. The Department would like these submissions on or before 10/01/2013.

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