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Program Services  

2014 Artist Entrepreneurial Workshops

"Your Music as a Film Score"
Tuesday, May 27, 2014: Presenter: Dr. Rik Pfenninger
Location: PSU College of Graduate Studies, 2 Pillsbury Street, Concord
As the independent film scene becomes more accessible, a greater number of filmmakers are now in need of music with which to score their projects. With the explosive growth of regional filmmaking, producers are looking locally for composers and musicians. Artists who had never before thought of their work being used for film and television projects are increasingly being sought out by cinematic projects both large and small.

In this workshop musicians will be given an introduction into film production through the experiences of local artists actively composing for film and television and those who have had their studio work used in various projects. The conversation will explore the creative process of film scoring, licensing and business issues, as well as advice on how to get your work in front of filmmakers and producers.

"The Art & Science of Light & Color for the Artist"
Tuesday, May 6, 2014: Presenter: R.P. Hale
Location: PSU College of Graduate Studies, 2 Pillsbury Street, Concord

This workshop explores the science behind light and color theory and how theory can translate to important decisions artists make when creating artwork, lighting a studio or work space, and displaying artwork in exhibit and gallery spaces. For those in theater, understanding the science of light and color can help make better decisions on stage lighting, stage sets, and costumes.

This hands-on workshop will explain why all white light is not created equal, why red and blue don’t always make purple, how different light sources affect the perception of color, how to apply key historical color experiments to current circumstances, and how artists such as Vermeer applied their findings. Hale will look into the two kinds of primary color sets of RGB and CMYK and how they are made and explore the CMYK system for commercial color printing. 

"Setting Up Your Creative Business or Organization"
Thursday, January 9, 2014: Presenters: Terry Knowles and June Wallace
Location: Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce, 49 South Main Street, Concord
Need to establish your creative business as a legal business entity? Connect with the information that you need, in order to establish either a for-profit business, or a not-for profit entity, in the State of New Hampshire. Terry Knowles of the NH Attorney General's Office Charitable Trusts Division will present on the topic of setting up a 501(c)3, and June Wallace, artisan and professional bookkeeper, will discuss her experience of establishing her own for-profit business.


Last updated: January 6, 2015

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