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NH Art News & Calendar Information  

Arts and the Economy

National Governors Report
Arts & the Economy: Using Arts and Culture to Stimulate State Economic Development, was prepared in partnership wit hthe National Endowment for the Arts and National Assembly of State Arts Agencies. It demonstrates the vital role that the arts and culture industries play in the economic health of every state. Click here to access the report (Pdf format only)

Stimulus Funds to be Distributed Via Operating Grants
The economic stimulus package includes the arts! That means New Hampshire's share of the $50 million allocated to the National Endowment for the Arts will be on its way to the State Arts Council for granting to nonprofit arts organizations. Click here to read more

Arts in Crisis: A Kennedy Center Initiative
Kennedy Center offering planning assistance and consulting to struggling arts organizations. Visit, for more information.

Arts in Hard Times
How are New Hampshire nonprofit arts and cultural organizations feeling the pinch of the economic downturn? Many are already experiencing a decline in donations and grant funds; others are bracing for even worse times ahead. Download the survey results: MSWord / PDF

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Creative Industries Report
The Americans for the Arts Creative Industries report takes a look at arts-based businesses, both nonprofit and for-profit, with a goal of explaining the scope and economic importance of arts in New Hampshire. The findings: there are 3,184 arts-related businesses in the state; they employ 11,284 people. For a breakdown, visit

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 Last updated: September 7, 2010

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