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Preparation of Work Samples

Work samples are a critical part of your application and are considered carefully during application review.

Samples should demonstrate quality of artistic content and/or technical ability, as appropriate to your project. They should be recent, concise, of high quality, and as relevant to the project as possible. For example:

  • A festival, performance, or tour: Submit representative samples of the proposed artists. Do not submit promotional material.
  • An exhibition: Submit an exhibition plan and visual documentation that provides a representative sampling of the works to be shown.
  • An educational or apprenticeship program: Submit a sample that demonstrates the experience and skills of the proposed artists/teachers who will be involved.
  • A media project: Submit a sample of previous work by the individual(s) with primary artistic control and a sample of the subject to be portrayed. If the request is to complete a work, submit a sample of the work in progress.
  • Services for artists and/or arts organizations: Submit publications, training material, or other documentation that demonstrates your organization's expertise and ability to carry out the project.
  • Teaching Artists: samples that demonstrate both the quality of your work as a professional artist and samples of work done by participants in educational programs you have led.

Preview your samples before submitting them to ensure that there are no technical problems that might interfere with the panel's review of your work.

Work Sample Index
IMPORTANT: Applicants must submit a Work Sample Index that lists all work samples being submitted. Index should include: Number assigned to that work sample, format of work sample, artist or art form represented. Audio or video work samples should also specify 3-5 minutes of content that you want the panel to review.

Clearly label each sample (and where relevant its container) with the name of your organization and the corresponding number from your Work Sample Index. Panelists generally spend no more than three to five minutes on the work sample(s) for each application. Please be aware that the entire sample (not just the selected segment) is considered a part of the application package and may be reviewed. The NH State Council on the Arts may copy or digitally convert work samples to facilitate panel review. By submitting a work sample, you are giving the NH State Council on the Arts permission for reproduction and dissemination for this purpose.

Provide a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (with correct postage) if you would like your materials returned.

Work Sample Formats
Use the format(s) from those listed below that best suit your project. Submit one copy of your sample. Submit work in more than one format only if it is required for your project. Do not send original material.


Digital images
Submit a CD (in MS Windows readable format) that contains up to 15 electronic images in JPEG format. Image size should be consistent. Suggested size is 10" x 7.5" at 96 dpi. Each image file should not exceed 2MB. The file name of digital images should include a number that corresponds to your Work Sample Index.

Up to 15 images may be presented in a PowerPoint file on a CD in MS Windows readable format. Insert images into PowerPoint as JPEG files. Suggested size is 10" x 7.5" at 96 dpi. Each image file should not exceed 2MB. Submit images only, with NO TEXT. Provide information for each image/slide on the Work Sample Index.


Audio samples
Place each selection on a separate track. Indicate the track number(s) that you want reviewed, in priority order. Identify tracks on the Work Sample Index with title of work and artist, and specify 3-5 minutes you would like the panel to review. If it is not a solo performance, make sure it will be clear to the review panel which parts are performed by applicant.


Multimedia presentation
Multimedia presentations are limited to three minutes in length and must be in one of the following formats: QuickTime (.mov), Real Player (.rm), Windows Media Player (.wmv), or .mpeg. CDs must be in MS Windows readable format. On the Work Sample Index identify the title of the work and artist(s) and specify 3-5 minutes you would like the panel to review.


List the URLs for the pages to be viewed. Include any necessary information on required plug-ins or the navigation path in the Work Samples Index.

Publications or other print material as relevant to your project.

Release Forms and Clearances
For the protection of all parties, it is highly recommended that grantees receiving funding for film and video projects secure release forms from any on and off-camera talent and obtain proper clearance for the use of pre-existing footage, photographs or music not in the public domain. The State Arts Council does not assume any legal responsibility for copyright infringement or disputes arising for projects where release forms were not obtained.

Last updated: February 8, 2018

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