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2007 Governors Arts Awardsgaa logo

Individual Arts Patron Award Recipient:
The Bloomfield Family, Bow

Peter and Pansy Bloomfield of Bow, and Peter’s mother Rachel Bloomfield, form a family of Individual Arts Patrons. They are long-standing patrons of numerous Concord and statewide arts organizations that they have helped to sustain during difficult times of transition.

Peter Bloomfield, President of Concord Steam Corporation, has played a major role in supporting both the Capitol Center for the Arts (CCA) and the Concord Community Music School (CCMS). Along with having taken an active role during the re-opening and subsequent renovations of the CCA, he serves as chair of the CCA facilities committee. He has made sure that the physical plant is in good repair and maintained properly and that it adheres to the standards for a historic building. From the roof, to the boiler room, to board meetings, Peter is considered a diligent steward of the CCA’s historic past and a worthy custodian of its future. In addition to his time and expertise, Peter has donated over $125,000 to the CCA.

Arts Patron AwardPeter is also a supporter of the CCMS where he served two six-year terms on the Board of Trustees and continues to serve on the CCMS’s finance and building committees. Here again, Peter serves as advisor for issues concerning the school’s buildings and physical plant. The guidance that he has provided through three major renovation projects has enabled the Music School to own, care for, and improve its facility.

The Bloomfield family and Concord Steam have contributed more than $125,000 to CCMS’s annual and capital campaigns. Additionally, Concord Steam has been a long-time corporate sponsor of the Scholarship String Quartet. As a business leader Peter Bloomfield’s influence enables him to enlist major support for both organizations from friends and colleagues in the NH business community and he successfully persuades his peers that the arts improve quality of life, and stimulate economic growth.

Pansy Bloomfield has lent her support to the NH Symphony Orchestra. She recently served as Interim Executive Director and has generously donated her time and funds to help the organization during a difficult time of transition.

She was also very active in the Bow Parents of Performing Students group and was responsible for writing a great deal of the arts curriculum for Bow High School.

She has helped the Northeast Youth Symphony through its formative years, volunteered as its Executive Director, then guided its transition from independent organization to a program of the CCMS.

Pansy was recently elected as an incorporator of the CCA. As a volunteer, she performs even the most basic tasks. She has lent her support to individuals as well. She generously loaned her cello to a young talented member of the Scholarship String Quartet, an ensemble that Peter and Pansy support.

She also assembled a memory book to present to the retiring CCMS cello teacher and string department chair in gratitude for teaching and influencing her son. She contacted alumni, from as far away as China, collecting tributes to this influential teacher.

As a couple, Pansy and Peter recently opened their home at short notice to host a reception and performance for donors by a Van Cliburn Competition medalist. The extra guests they invited, who were new to the CCMS, have gone on to become donors.

Rachel Bloomfield, Peter’s mother, has also generously supported the CCANH and the CCMS as well. Her gifts to both organizations have totaled well over $150,000, helping to meet funding goals. As a lead donor, she has also allowed her annual fund gift to be counted toward a challenge pool of donors whose support is used to leverage additional gifts.

The Bloomfields not only support arts organizations, but make music as well. Peter sings barbershop and Pansy is a talented pianist and cellist. Three of their sons have been outstanding students at the CCMS, two of whom are now pursuing musical careers after attending two of the nation’s most prestigious conservatories. It appears that the Bloomfield’s have successfully passed to the next generation their talent and love of the arts.


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