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Old Man on the Mountain Memorial

Updated - April 23, 2012

Old Man Plaza

Please refer any questions about the Old Man of the Mountain Legacy Fund and its activities to Mrs. McPhaul

Finishing touches put on Old Man of the Mountain Profile Plaza

FRANCONIA, N.H. — With the cooperation of the state Division of Parks, the Old Man of the Mountain Legacy Fund will complete the Profile Plaza in Franconia Notch this summer.

“It’s been nine years since the Old Man’s collapse, and we’re pleased to have the Profile Plaza in place as a memorial to the iconic symbol of New Hampshire, who meant so much to so many,” said Legacy Fund president Dick Hamilton of Littleton. “We’re thankful to the many people who have donated time and money to the effort to build a memorial to the Old Man, and with the completion of phase one of the project, we’re looking ahead to planning for phase two.”

Paid for entirely through private donations, the Old Man of the Mountain Profile Plaza was dedicated last June. The plaza includes seven profilers, which allow visitors to view the image of the Old Man back on the side of Cannon Mountain.

Located on the shore of Profile Lake, the plaza is edged by granite benches and includes hundreds of paver stones engraved with names and memories from people who love the Old Man, both in New Hampshire and far beyond.

The Legacy Fund plans to complete landscaping at the plaza this summer and to install interpretive signs about the history and importance of the Old Man to Franconia Notch and New Hampshire. One of the four turnbuckles that helped stabilize the Old Man for decades was recovered from the talus field in Franconia Notch last fall, and it will be incorporated into the plaza, giving visitors an understanding of the immense effort involved in maintaining the profile.

In September, the Legacy Fund will relocate the boulder and plaque noting the dedication of Franconia Notch to the state’s veterans to a more prominent location within the plaza. The Notch was preserved as a memorial to veterans in September of 1928, following an incredible effort led by the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, in which more than 15,000 people contributed funds to help the state acquire the notch.

Several granite pavers are still available. For more information on the Old Man of the Mountain Profile Plaza and the work of the Legacy Fund, visit

Press Release from the Department of Resources and Economic Development, 2012

An agreement between the Old Man of the Mountain Legacy Fund and the New Hampshire Department of Parks and Recreation was announced on February 7, 2007. The Legacy Fund will raise money for and will oversee the construction and installation of The Old Man of the Mountain Memorial. The Department of Parks and Recreation will eventually become the owner.

The design of The Old Man of the Mountain Memorial, also unveiled on February 7, created by Sculptor Shelly Bradbury and designer Ron Magers of Essex, Massachusetts is shown below.

Conceptual Drawings of the memorial
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Gateway to the Memorial 5 massive granite stones depicting profile