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Creating a Healthy and Safe Work Environment

The Wellness Program at NHVH

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The Wellness Program began in 2006 with Governor's John Lynch's Executive Order No. 2006-7 to appoint a Wellness Coordinator for each state agency to promote employee health and wellness.

The New Hampshire Veterans Home (NHVH) Wellness Coordinator educates staff on Wellness/Health topics with guidance and support from State Wellness Coordinator trainings, Local Government Center offerings, and Anthem. Anthem has health benefits for staff, for example, a $200 debit card to help with co-pays after completing the online Health Assessment Tool, gym membership, and a rebate for purchasing a new workout equipment; see for more details. Anthem also has a 24-hour Nurse Line: 1-800-544-1901.

At the Veterans Home, we have an active wellness Committee which meets monthly. Committee members represent various departments. At least three Committee members must be present at any meeting at which decisions are to be made. Meeting minutes are kept. The Committee generates its own funds through fundraising, donations, and sales.

Wellness Committee members must actively participate in Wellness objectives and promote long-term lifestyle changes for good health. The Wellness Committee supports the Veterans Home efforts in safety initiatives, for example, the Safe Handling Program for staff and residents.

The Wellness Committee promotes wellness through education, posting, challenges, and fun; organizing staff work-out dates; monthly healthy, homemade soup and sandwich or Salad Bar days; BP checks each week by the Wellness Coordinator; staff use of the elliptical machine which is available 24-hours a day in the Physical Therapy room; yearly "Maintain, Don't Gain" challenge for three months during the holidays; encouraging staff to accept vaccinations; promoting infection control practices; the availability of two bicycles (borrowed from PATH) for staff use; Wellness Fairs, and posting in "The Winter Street Whistler", the monthly employee newsletter.

Safety and Security

Safety Fair at the New Hampshire Veterans Home
Safety Fair at the New Hampshire Veterans Home

The mission of the Safety and Security department is to provide a safe and secure environment for all residents, staff and visitors who enter the Home.

We currently have six full-time officers providing 24-hour service. The group is made up of military veterans and former police and security officers with a diverse educational and training background. Currently all officers are certified through the International Association of Hospital Safety and Security (IAHSS). This is an extensive certification process that covers all aspects of health care Safety and Security, through a nationally recognized organization.

The department was awarded the IAHSS Lindbergh-Bell award for the year 2010. The winner of this award is chosen from hundreds of health care facilities around the country, and is given to the department that has made the most gains and improvement for the year.

The New Hampshire Veterans Home Safety and Security Department works closely with local and state police and fire departments to make top notch training available to all staff and residents. They are tasked with running all safety drills and ensuring all safety equipment is maintained and updated as required by state, local, and federal laws and regulations.

Although they are a small and diverse group, they rely heavily on teamwork, effort, and communication to get the job done thoroughly and consistently. Three of the officers have been awarded the Home's "Above and Beyond" award for their extraordinary service and dedication.

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