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Holder Reporting

The New Hampshire Unclaimed and Abandoned Property Law (RSA 471-C) requires all "persons/holders" to review their records annually to determine whether they are in possession of properties which have become dormant and are presumed to be abandoned.

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NOTE: ACCOUNT INFORMATION FOR REPORTING AND REMITTING SECURITES HAS BEEN UPDATED, including a new custodian contact email address of UPCH.Custody@conduent.com

Holders are further required to report and remit such properties to the state on a T-1 Form pdf file. For assistance in completing this form and the reporting of abandoned property to the state of New Hampshire, please review our reporting instructions pdf file. For specific information regarding New Hampshire dormancy period by property type, please refer to Schedule T-1A.  pdf file.

Also if you are reporting securities or mutual funds, please review our specific instructions regarding the reporting and delivery of these type of properties pdf file.

NOTE: Negative or "0" reports are not required, however, such a filing is encouraged and appreciated.

Electronic Reporting Software

Per RSA 471-C:19, Reports of Twenty (20) or more records are required to be reported electronically, in NAUPA standard format. The State of NH Treasury will accept Electronic Holder Reporting from the following Free software programs below.

HRS Pro – If you use this software to create your New Hampshire Abandoned Property Report and would like to submit your report electronically, please click the link for UPEXPRESS (BELOW).

UPExpress - If you have created your report not using UPEXCHANGE software, but used another NAUPA formatted software, you can submit your report electronically to the state of New Hampshire using UPEXPRESS. Click the link at left to commence this process.

Reporting to other States – Reciprocity reminder:

As a convenience, if you are a Holder of unclaimed property and are located in the state of New Hampshire, you may file one Unclaimed Property report with our office even if you are remitting property for owners who live in other states. * The property must be considered incidental** property in order to be included on your report.

Once the property is reported, our office will forward the names of out-of-state owners to the appropriate states. Whether you report the property to our office or to the state directly, you must follow each state's laws on dormancy periods. Some states may require you to report to them directly even if the property is considered incidental. For property that does not fall under the definition of incidental you will need to report directly to the state of last known address.

*Due to law changes, any property owing to owners with a last known address in California must be reported directly to California no matter how many names or the value.

**NAUPA has defined incidental property as ten or fewer properties, totaling $1,000 or less, which belong to a state other than the state to which the properties were remitted.

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