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About TransparentNH

TransparentNH is your portal for information about how New Hampshire spends tax dollars and other revenues to provide services to residents.

Fiscal transparency is key to a healthy democracy and public scrutiny helps ensure that government works for the people and spends their tax dollars wisely. This Web site gives New Hampshire residents a portal devoted devoted to the distribution of state budget information, revenue and expense data.

TransparentNH addresses the three most relevant questions about NH State government finances... Where the money comes from, Where the money goes, and How New Hampshire government finances work.

The site is being developed and maintained by the New Hampshire Department of Administrative Services and the Department of Information Technology, in consultation with the legislative oversight committee established by Chapter 65 - Laws of 2010.


TransparentNH was created as a result of Chapter 65 - Laws of 2010, an act to promote transparency in the state budget process by providing the public with on-line access to budget, expenditure and revenue information and reports which are not confidential and which are vital to good government.

This Web site contains detail information which is uploaded to the Web site periodically. Since data is uploaded during the year, not all transactions are audited. During the year, more and more transactions will be uploaded to the web site, including correcting entries which may reverse or change the effect of previous entries. The original entry is not modified on the Web site but both the original and subsequent correcting entry will be included.

Some of the expenditure data is considered private or protected under state and/or federal laws. If a payee/vendor/customer name is protected by law, the vendor name will not be displayed on the detailed transaction page.


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Where The Money Comes From

Where the Money Comes From
Unrestricted Revenue
Revenue Glossary
Funding Glossary


Where the Money Goes

State Expenditure Register
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NH Operating Budget
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How Government Finances Work

How Government Finances Work
State Budget Process
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