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Printer Replacement Project

Project Overview

MAAP is the online system used to perform vehicle registration and title functions at DMV headquarters, DMV substations, DOS Business Office and 152 towns across New Hampshire (as of 02/04/2008). Since MAAP implementation in July, 2005 DMV has supplied approximately 260 IBM 4722 impact printers and more are being added every month as new towns implement MAAP. Due to the obsolete nature of the IBM 4722 together with the limitations of an impact printer, the State has decided to replace these MAAP printers.
All MAAP registration and title related documents that utilize the IBM 4722 will be converted to a Lexmark T-640 two (2) drawer printer. These documents include, but are not limited to registration certificates, check validations, short slips, credit memos, revenue memos and CTAs (Certificate of Title Applications). The Lexmark T-640 printer will not be networked, each registration PC will have attached a dedicated Lexmark T-640. The dimensions of this printer are 16.6 inches wide, 19.6 inches deep and 17.1 inches high.

In the registration area, a new registration print process is planned in order to produce more durable motor vehicle registration certificates with improved content. The new registration certificates will contain a 2D bar code that will be capable of being scanned by Law Enforcement, vehicle inspection stations for OBD (On Board Diagnostics) and registration and title clerks resulting in more accurate data capture and less manual data entry requirements.

In the title area, a 2D bar code will be added to CTAs. All 2D bar codes will conform to the AAMVA (American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators) specifications.

Two Phased Implementation

This project will be completed in two phases. Phase one will address only printing of vehicle registrations on the new printers. Phase two will address all other documents included in the project which are to be printed on the new printers. The two phased approach is being used to insure that the registration 2D bar code is accomplished within the time constraints of the federal grant.

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