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Major Projects
MAAP (Municipal Agent Automation Project)

Project Overview

  1. MAAP - Municipal Agent Automation Project
    MAAP represents a state-of-the-art Motor Vehicle Online Registration and Title System used by the Department of Safety and Municipal Agents. The system was successfully implemented on July 11, 2005.
  1. Phase I - Registrations/Titles - Complete
  1. Some of the system capabilities include:
  • Common online interface for State sponsored Web browser access.
  • Online error correction capability.
  • Easy to use online query capability.
  • Automation of title applications.
  • Improved edits and cross edits.
  • Web-based drop down menus.
  • Integration/interfacing with other subsystems.
  • Credit card processing.
  • Ability to do town registration portion only.
  • Integration of local vendor software with vendor screens as the primary interface.
  • Improved ability to populate fields from one screen to another.
  • Improved navigation between various parts of the system.
  • Increased online agent transactions.
  • New, renewal, and transfer registrations up to and including 26,000 lbs. (excluding APRO and SEMIT registrations).
  • Town portion of registrations APRO and SEMIT and those over 26,000 pounds.
  • Late renewals up to 12 months late (excluding low-digit controlled plates).
  • Process title applications.
  • Check on the availability and issue initial plates.
  • Replace full sets of plates and order a replacement plate.
  • Replace decals and/or registrations.
  • Some maintenance (change color, cylinders for example)
  • Display title and registration information.
  • Cut credit memos, refunds, and short slips only when necessary. (for State portion only)
  • Pay off a short slip.
  • Receive cash, checks, money orders, or traveler’s checks or credit memos for payment and print receipts.
  • Process the state portion of the registration.
  • Fee settle for state portion.
  • Close out at the end of the day.
  • Change individual addresses for current registrations.
  • The following plate types will be issued from an On-line Municipal Agent:
AGRI (agricultural) CPASS (conservation "moose") FARM (farm)
MOTO (motorcycle) PASS (passenger) TRAC (tractor)
TRAI (trailer) ICPAS (initial moose) IMOTO (initial motorcycle)
IPASS (initial passenger) ITRAI (initial trailer) CONEQ (construction equipment) - Town Only
IAMOT (initial antique motorcycle) IANTI (initial antique) 60 DAY PLATES - Town Only
  • MAAP will figure permit fees, figure transfer credit, allow Agents to input their additional fees, and input vehicle information such as the list price from the VIN package.
  • Process and calculate the fees for the local portion of the registration.
  • Process the town portion only of registrations and titles.
  • Fee settle for the local portion of the registration.
  • Print financial reports including local fee information collected as well as state.
  • Change corporate addresses under some circumstances.
  • Payment adjustments for both the state and local fees. Will only be able to change tender type for the state, not the amount.
  • Include data entry fields for the tracking of permit audit numbers.
  • Some functions in MAAP require a Municipal Agent supervisory override to complete the transaction.
  1. Functions On-line MA’s May Be Able to Perform in Future MAAP Phase:
  • Lease transfers for the state portion.
  • Surviving spouse transfers for the state portion.
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