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Connection Criteria

The Agency requesting access to J-ONE must have SPOTS connectivity.

How the Connection Works:

Hardware: The State installs a PC (referred to as a "spoke") in the Agency.

Network Connection: The "spoke" connects to the local network and the SPOTS data line outbound to Concord The local network initiates and controls all connections to the "spoke" using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). The “spoke cannot affect anything on the host network.

Software: The primary interface to J-ONE from the Agency is through the Agency’s Records Management System (RMS) software. The State negotiates with Agency RMS software vendors to establish connectivity. The current status with vendors is:

IMC – Contract signed, Agencies are connected
Crimestar – In contract negotiations
MICROsystems, Inc. (Crimetrak) – In contract negotiations
Printrak (Motorola) – In contract negotiations
Other Vendors – State awaiting interest from vendors

The State has a custom-built substitute software package, which emulates the RMS software. This may be a no cost suitable alternative for Agencies without a RMS package.

Funding: The State is funding the implementation costs for hardware and software, except for the Agency’s (vendor provided) RMS software, for those Agencies who sign up as "early adopters". The funding of RMS software is the responsibility of the Agency. It is unknown how many Agency implementations will be funded by the State over time.
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