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The overall benefits of the J-ONE project and the benefits of the project as they relate to the law enforcement community.

Overall Benefits of a Comprehensive Criminal Justice Information System (Source - 1995 NH J-ONE feasibility report by the consultant firm Maximus).

  • Will provide a central data query capability for easier, more timely statistical and trend analysis for Legislative and J-ONE management level reporting.
  • Provides users with unified view of criminal justice information.
  • A more streamlined and efficient criminal justice system will provide for better tracking of criminal offenders from arrest through disposition.
  • Accurate and up-to-date information on offenders and cases will be available to all participating organizations on a timely basis, thereby, improving decision-making and avoiding offenders "slipping through the cracks".
  • Criminal history records will be updated in a timely manner with disposition information electronically submitted by the courts.
  • Criminal history records will contain more comprehensive and verified information on arrests made by local law enforcement agencies.
  • More comprehensive information will be available to criminal justice agencies on the parole and probation status of persons arrested.
  • Information on criminal warrants, restraining orders, and offender status will be available statewide in a complete and timely manner when needed.
  • Errors in the transmission of offender data and case status information will be reduced by replacing manual methods of data transmittal with electronic interfaces.
  • The flow of paper among agencies and the courts will be greatly reduced.
  • Criminal justice personnel will spend less time processing manual data received from other agencies and the courts.
  • Standard offender data definitions will facilitate interagency offender tracking and communication.

Law Enforcement Benefits

  • Police officers will have access to accurate statewide information on bench warrants, wanted persons and restraining orders.
  • Police officers will have access to comprehensive information on the probation or parole status of individuals when they make an arrest or vehicle stop.
  • Local law enforcement agencies will save staff resources through the elimination of paperwork and manual procedures involved in transmitting arrest data and criminal incident data to the Central Repository.
  • Local law enforcement agencies will receive disposition information on their cases more efficiently without having to spend staff resources on processing paper forms or duplicate data entry.
  • Sheriff’s departments will have automatic access to listings of inmates in county jails and the State Prison, thereby saving staff resources spent checking manual listings or calling for information.
  • Sheriff’s departments will have more efficient procedures for prisoner transportation and will avoid wasting time transporting prisoners for court hearings that are canceled.
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