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Cyber Security Alert Level

Blue Guarded Alert

The State of New Hampshire, in partnership with the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC), participates in State cybersecurity alert determinations. Listed below are alert level protocols as established by the MS-ISAC. The current cyber alert designation, as determined by the evaluation of cyber threats and attacks to State's technology resources, is noted above.

Green Low Alert Blue Guarded Alert Yellow Elevated Alert Orange High Alert Red Severe Alert

The alert level is set jointly by the Department of Safety, NH Information and Analysis Center (NH-IAC) and the Department of Information Technology, IT Security Group.

What is the Alert Indicator?

The Alert Indicator shows the current level of malicious cyber activity based on observed events or actual damage. The indicator consists of 5 levels:

Green Low Alert
1. Green or Low – Insignificant or no malicious activity has been identified.

Blue Guarded Alert
2. Blue or Guarded – Malicious activity has been identified with minor impact.

Yellow Elevated Alert
3. Yellow or Elevated – Malicious activity has been identified with a moderate level damage or disruption.

Orange High Alert
4. Orange or High
– Malicious activity has been identified with a major level of damage or disruption.

Red Severe Alert
5. Red or Severe – Malicious activity has been identified with a catastrophic level of damage or disruption.

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