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Examples of Automatic Disqualifiers

A-E      F-L     M-O     P-S     T-Z

Abuse of a corpse
Advertising drug paraphernalia
Aggravated driving while intoxicated
Aggravated felonious sexual assault
Aiding criminal activity
Arson, or attempt
Attempt to commit abduction
Attempt to commit extortion/blackmail
Attempt to commit larceny
Attempt to commit welfare fraud
Attempt to commit wire fraud
Bail default; drivers license suspension resulting
Bail jumping
Bail jumping, interstate
Boating while intoxicated
Bribery; official/political matters
Burglary; or attempt
Capitol murder
Carrying a loaded handgun without a license
Changed or removed VIN
Changing marks on a firearm
Child abuse
Child neglect
Commercial bribery
Compensation for past action
Computer related crime: ATM/credit fraud
Computer related crime: damage resulting
Computer related crime: fraud
Computer related crime: theft of data
Computer related crime: wire fraud
Concealing death of a newborn
Concealing identity of a vehicle
Consolidation; general theft or larceny
Contributing to the delinquency of a minor
Criminal defamation of character
Criminal liability for conduct of another
Criminal mischief, or attempt
Criminal restraint
Criminal threatening
Cruelty to animals
Deceptive business practices
Desecration of U.S. flag
Disobeying an officer
Disorderly conduct
Distribution of drug paraphernalia
Domestic violence act
Driving after revocation or suspension
Driving while intoxicated
Driving without giving proof of financial responsibility
DWI of commercial vehicle
Exposing a minor to harm

Fail to answer a court issued summons
Fail to appear; default to recognizance
Fail to report injuries
Failure to pay court ordered judgments
False fire alarm; aiding and abetting
False fire alarm; injury / death resulting
False imprisonment
False report of a stolen vehicle
False report of accident
False report to law enforcement
False reports – explosives; bomb threat
False statements on vital records
False swearing / statements
Falsifying physical evidence
Felon in possession of a dangerous weapon
Felonious sexual assault, or attempt
Felonious use of body armor
First degree assault, or attempt
First-degree murder
Fraud on creditors
Fraud on depositors
Fraudulent communications paraphernalia
Fraudulent execution of documents
Fraudulent handling of legal documents
Fraudulent issue of non-negotiable bill
Fraudulent sales / purchases of securities
Fraudulent use of credit card, or attempt
Fugitive from justice
Gambling equipment violations
Habitual offender
Hindering apprehension or prosecution
Illegal night hunting
Illegal possession of a hypodermic needle
Illegal sales of securities
Impersonating a police officer
Implied consent
Improper influence
Indecent exposure and lewdness
Inhaling toxic vapors for effect
Insurance fraud
Issuing bad checks

Manslaughter, or attempt
Negligent discharge of firearm / crossbow
Negligent homicide
Obscene matter / materials
Obstructing government administration
Obtaining controlled drug by forgery of prescription
Obtaining controlled drug by fraud or deceit
Obtaining controlled drug by misrepresentation
Obtaining controlled drug from 2 or more doctors
Obtaining non-controlled drugs by fraud or deceit
Odometer tampering
Operating after suspension
Operating boat after suspension / revocation
Operating OHRV while intoxicated

Possessing bomb
Possessing infernal machine
Possessing loaded firearm in vehicle
Possession / use / display of false ID card
Possession controlled drug / narc drug with intention to distribute
Possession of burglary tools
Possession of child pornography
Possession of controlled drug in boats
Possession of controlled narcotic / drugs
Possession of explosives
Possession of false forged controlled drug prescription
Possession of forgery tools or writing
Possession of more than one driver’s license
Possession of property without a serial number
Possession, sale, etc., of wire tap device
Prohibited vehicles on highway
Prostitution and related offenses
Purchase of public office
Receiving stolen property
Receiving unsolicited merchandise
Reckless conduct; placing another in danger
Reckless operation
Resisting arrest or detention
Retail selling of drug paraphernalia
Robbery, armed
Robbery, or attempt
Robbery, unarmed
Sabotage against the state or U.S.A.
Sale of controlled / narcotic drug
Sale of handguns to minors
Sale of hypodermic needles
Second degree assault, or attempt
Second degree murder
Sexual assault, or attempt
Simple assault, or attempt

Taking without owner’s consent
Tampering with public or private records
Tampering with witnesses and informants
Theft by deception
Theft by extortion
Theft by misapplication of property
Theft by unauthorized taking or transfer
Theft of lost or mislaid property
Theft of service
Theft of utility services
Theft; from a building, or attempt
Theft; from a motor vehicle, or attempt
Theft; motor vehicle, or attempt
Theft; of motor vehicle parts / accessory or attempt
Theft; pocket-picking, or attempt
Theft; purse-snatching, or attempt
Unauthorized use of propelled vehicle/rented property
Unlawful dealing in prescription drugs
Unlawful gambling
Unlawful manufacture of a controlled drug
Unlawful possession of alcohol
Unlawful wire tapping – felony
Unlawful wire tapping –misdemeanor
Unlawfully conducting a lottery
Unsworn falsification
Use and possession of slugs; fraud
Use of Molotov cocktail
Uttering false / forged prescription
Violation and contempt of protective order
Violation of privacy
Violation of probation or parole
Weapons possession (during other crime)
Willful concealment

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