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Application to Multiple Schools Procedures


Substitute teachers, student teachers, student interns, and other educational staff are permitted to apply to work or volunteer in multiple schools, but only pay for the education criminal history record check process one time.  The results of the records check will be shared with any other schools identified at the time of initiating the records check process.

Guidelines for Applying to Multiple Schools

Per NH RSA 189:13-a IX. (a) Substitute teachers, student teachers, student interns, and other educational staff shall apply for a criminal history records check at the employing school administrative unit, school district, chartered public school, or public academy. The division of state police shall complete the criminal history records check and, upon completion, shall issue a letter to the applicant. The letter shall be valid for 30 days from the date of issue and shall constitute satisfactory proof of compliance with this section.

You must first apply for the criminal history records check at a SAU, School District, chartered public school, or public academy.  You will be given a packet containing: 1. Criminal Record Release Authorization Form; 2. Applicant Fingerprint Card; and 3. Guidelines and Application for Applying to Multiple Schools.

You will receive a letter containing your statewide (NH) and federal (FBI) criminal history record check results.  You shall submit a copy of the letter to those school administrative unit(s), school district(s), chartered public school(s), or public academy(ies) to which you applied in the state of New Hampshire. The letter is good for thirty (30) days from it’s date, after that, it becomes invalid.

If after the thirty (30)-day time frame you decide that you would like to additionally apply in another school district, you will be required to do so as a new applicant.

Special notes:

  • Student teachers and student interns shall submit a criminal history records check upon enrollment in a teacher preparation program, but shall not be required to submit additional criminal history records checks if the student teacher or student intern maintains continuous enrollment in the teacher preparation program.
  • Other educational staff is defined as any individual seeking employment by applying to multiple schools simultaneously (example: newly certified teachers, etc.)
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