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For Immediate Release
June 8, 2020
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State House Photograph, Concord, NH

The Concord Police Department and the New Hampshire State Police celebrate the extraordinary peaceful outpouring from our community during Saturday’s march.

Our roles were to ensure that everyone’s fundamental right to be heard was honored.

A crucial part of our training is to de-escalate situations before they become contentious. The Concord Police and the New Hampshire State Police were conducting patrols on Saturday and were called to address a verbal altercation. The Concord Officer and the State Trooper, who were partnered together for the entirety of the event to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved, spoke with individuals on both sides of the dispute. The situation was de-escalated. One person extended his hand to the Concord Police Officer and, in return, the Officer shook his hand. Another individual extended his hand to the State Trooper but because of concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19, the Trooper extended a “fist bump” instead of a handshake.

This gesture was photographed and that photograph has been portrayed by some individuals as a gesture of support for a particular viewpoint. This is factually incorrect.

The New Hampshire State Police and the Concord Police Departments pride themselves on contributing to the sense of calm during events through constant professionalism and poise. Our primary goal is to have these events remain peaceful in order for the message of all individuals to be heard, and to de-escalate any tense situations that may arise. We treat everyone equally, fairly and impartially through respect, and we protect everyone’s right to express their beliefs and viewpoints peacefully.

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