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For Immediate Release
January 24, 2020
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Enforcement Initiative Conducted Throughout the State to Reduce Commercial Motor Vehicle Crashes

On January 23, 2019 members of New Hampshire State Police – Troop G conducted an enforcement initiative to reduce the amount of motor vehicle crashes involving commercial motor vehicles.  Troopers from Troop G specifically focused their enforcement efforts on ensuring that vehicles were driving in a safe manner.  Troopers also conducted roadside inspections of commercial motor vehicles throughout the State to ensure that drivers were compliant with hours of service, that drivers had obtained proper licensing credentials, that commercial motors vehicles were in safe mechanical operating condition, and that they were in compliance with size and weight laws.   Members of Troop G are highly skilled Troopers who have received specialized training to conduct roadside inspections of commercial motor vehicles.  In addition, members of Troop G regulate and enforce laws and rules governing automotive dealerships and the State of New Hampshire Safety Inspection program.
During the daylong event, Troopers inspected a total of 128 commercial motor vehicles.  Troopers issued two CVSA decals to commercial motor vehicles that passed a Level I inspection where no critical violations were found according to the North American Standard Out-of- Service Criteria.  Troopers also discovered 210 violations, of which 36 were so severe that they created a condition where the vehicle or its driver was placed out of service.  In total, 18 vehicles were placed out of service for critical safety violations, while 6 drivers were placed out of service for violations including not possessing a valid medical certificate, not maintaining records of driving hours, and not holding the proper class of driver's license.  Troopers issued 20 citations as a result of commercial motor vehicle inspections.  Troopers also stopped several passenger vehicles that failed to comply with State of New Hampshire Safety Inspection requirements.

In Wakefield, Trooper David Skelly stopped a 2014 Western Star tractor and a 2015 trailer for speeding along Route 16.  As a result of the commercial motor vehicle inspection, Trooper Skelly discovered that the driver was not wearing his required seatbelt as it was broken, the trailer did not have proof of a periodic inspection, and the vehicle was operating 20,600 pounds over its maximum 80,000 pound limit.  The driver was ultimately placed out of service and prohibited from operating any further for failing to have corrective lenses as required by his driver's license.

In Hampton, Sgt. Kenneth Phoenix stopped a 2014 Kenworth and a 2008 trailer along Interstate 95.  During the inspection, Sgt. Phoenix discovered that the truck had window tinting that only allowed 5% of light to pass through, had three brakes that were out of adjustment, one of the brake linings was so worn that it was insufficient, and the truck was unable to maintain air pressure due to a leak in the brake system's air lines.  The vehicle was subsequently placed out of service for brake system pressure loss and for having more than 20% of the vehicle's brakes being defective.  The driver of the vehicle was placed out of service and prohibited from operating any further for failing to keep a record of his driving duty status.

In Hampton, Trooper First Class Frank Campo stopped a 2018 Freightliner operating along Interstate 95.  The vehicle was found to be operating in violation of a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Operational Out of Service Order and the driver did not possess a commercial driver license. The driver and vehicle were placed out of service and the vehicle was towed from the scene.

In Belmont, Trooper First Class Dupont assisted the Belmont Police Department with a collision involving a 2018 Mack tractor and a 2003 trailer.  The tractor trailer took down a traffic light after going off the roadway.  The truck was ultimately placed out of service due to the damage sustained in the crash.

In Salem, Trooper First Class Sean Harrington, observed a GMC pickup with a number of safety inspection violations, including vehicle height, window tint, windshield tint, oversized tires without flaps or guards, and displaying prohibited blue lights.  The driver was subsequently cited for the safety violations.

In Boscawen, Trooper First Class Christopher Rollston was following up on a Ford Super Duty pickup that was observed by one of Troop G's civilian Automotive Equipment Inspectors with several safety inspection violations and was using a utility dealer license plate that had been reported lost.  TFC Rollston observed the truck operating with a different license plate and was able to stop the vehicle.  The truck was found to have an expired State safety inspection decal, had oversized tires that required protection by flaps or guards, had tinted windows, and was unregistered.  The owner was subsequently issued a citation and the vehicle was towed from the scene.

The New Hampshire State Police are committed to ensuring safe travel throughout the State and will continue our efforts to reduce collisions and traffic fatalities.

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