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For Immediate Release
October 24, 2019
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Saturation Enforcement for Commercial Motor Vehicles leads to Arrests, Canterbury, Epping, Gorham, Littleton, Shelburne, Windham

On October 24, 2019 members of New Hampshire State Police – Troop G Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Unit conducted inspections of commercial motor vehicles throughout the State of New Hampshire. Members of Troop G are highly skilled Troopers who have received specialized training to conduct roadside inspections of commercial motor vehicles. In an effort to reduce traffic collisions involving large vehicles, Troopers from Troop G specifically focused their enforcement efforts on ensuring that vehicles were in safe mechanical operating condition, drivers were compliant with hours of service, and that drivers had obtained proper licensing credentials.

During the daylong event, Troopers inspected a total of 132 commercial motor vehicles. Troopers issued 10 CVSA decals to commercial motor vehicles that passed a Level I inspection where no critical violations were found according to the North American Standard Out-of- Service Criteria. Troopers also discovered 299 violations, of which 71 were so severe that they created a condition where the vehicle or its driver was placed out of service. In total, 33 vehicles were placed out of service for critical safety violations, while 14 drivers were placed out of service for violations including possessing drugs, possessing alcohol, not possessing a valid medical certificate, not maintaining records of driving hours, and not holding the proper class of driver's license. Troopers issued 24 citations and as a result of commercial motor vehicle inspections.

In Windham, Trooper First Class Michael Berntsen of the New Hampshire State Police – Troop G stopped a 1988 Chevrolet and found multiple equipment violations. The vehicle was ultimately placed out of service due to cracked suspension components and a tire with a tread depth of less than 1/32 of an inch on the steering axle. TFC Berntsen also stopped a 2001 Freightliner towing a 1998 trailer and discovered numerous violations. In addition to the driver not keeping records of his duty hours, the trailer was found to have multiple brakes that were not functioning, and the truck was found to have brakes out of adjustment as well as rust holes in the air brake chambers.

In Epping, Trooper First Class Daniel Needham of the New Hampshire State Police – Troop G, was conducting commercial motor vehicle inspections, when he stopped a 2015 Ford F-250 towing a 2002 trailer traveling along Route 125.

As TFC Needham was approaching the vehicle, he noticed the driver moving around in a suspicious manner in the cabin of the truck while the female passenger exited the vehicle and began walking away. She initially gave TFC Needham a false name, but was ultimately identified as LIZA LUFKIN, age 44, of North Hampton, NH. While talking to Lufkin, TFC Needham observed the driver trying to eat a plastic bag and needle cap. The driver of the commercial motor vehicle was subsequently identified as TYLER THOMPSON, age 36, also of North Hampton, NH.

As a result of the investigation, it was discovered that Lufkin was wanted on three warrants which included two charges of Willful Concealment out of the Franklin District Court and Salem District Court, as well as a warrant for Possession of a Controlled Drug from the Merrimack Police Department. Lufkin was also charged with three additional charges of Possession of a Controlled drug by TFC Needham. Thompson was also charged with Possession of a Controlled Drug.

Thompson and Lufkin were arrested without incident and transported to the Epping Police Department where they were released on Personnel Recognizance bail. Lufkin is due to appear in the Rockingham Superior Court for arraignment on November 11, 2019, while Thompson will be arraigned in the Brentwood District Court on December 17, 2019.

The New Hampshire State Police are committed to ensuring safe travel throughout the State and will continue our efforts to reduce collisions during the summer season.

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