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For Immediate Release
October 26, 2018
For more information contact:
Trooper Shawn Slaney
(603) 223-8477

Enhanced Saturation Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement: Brentwood, Canterbury, Durham, Epping, Littleton, Windham

On October 26, 2018 members of the New Hampshire State Police – Troop G conducted enhanced saturation enforcement of commercial motor vehicles in the towns of Canterbury, Littleton, Durham, Epping, and Windham, New Hampshire. Members of Troop G are highly skilled Troopers who have received specialized training to conduct roadside inspections of commercial motor vehicles.

Troopers from Troop G specifically focused their enforcement efforts on violations of the State's size and weight laws by deploying semi-portable scales in Canterbury, Durham, and Epping. The operation resulted in weight checks of 354 vehicles. Additionally, Troopers inspected 128 commercial motor vehicles and discovered 259 violations. Of those violations, 50 were so severe that they created a condition where the vehicle or its driver was placed out of service.

In Durham, Sergeant Kenneth Carr was conducting a commercial motor vehicle inspection when he discovered that the tractor trailer that he had stopped was not registered and that the license plate attached to the vehicle did not belong on it. The vehicle was placed out of service and the tractor trailer was towed from the scene.

Sergeant Christopher Kelby was on patrol in Brentwood, when he observed the operator of a commercial motor vehicle using what appeared to be a controlled drug. The vehicle was stopped and ultimately placed out of service after drugs were found in the vehicle. The driver was placed out of service and the vehicle was towed from the scene.

The New Hampshire State Police are committed to ensuring safe travel throughout the State and will continue our efforts to reduce collision during the upcoming fall season.

Vehicles stopped in Durham

Troopers conducting commercial moto
vehicle enforcement in Durham.

Vehicles stopped in Canterbury

Troopers utilizing the semi-portable
scales in Canterbury.

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