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For Immediate Release
February 6, 2018
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Winter Weather Driving

The New Hampshire State Police would like to take this opportunity to remind the motoring public of their responsibilities to slow down when driving in hazardous conditions, particularly in poor weather conditions. Driving on our roadways is a partnership, and the motoring public is our greatest partner. We ALL have a responsibility in helping to keep our roadways safe; please do your part.

It's been almost two months now with heavy snowfall and wintery mixes across the State of New Hampshire. The roads are greasy; our Troopers, in concert with the Department of Transportation, are working diligently on keeping our roadways safe for our commuting motorists. Please be patient and avoid excessive actions while braking, steering, or accelerating to lessen the chances of losing control of your vehicle.

Within the past 24-hours we've experienced approximately 94 vehicle crashes and or vehicles off the road, with a higher concentration of these incidents on I93 from the Concord area and south to the Massachusetts border, on the Everett Turnpike, on I89, and on I95.

Winter weather has always been a challenge for drivers. We've even experienced a cruiser being struck within this timeframe while the Trooper was covering a crash roadside on I89 earlier this morning. If highly visible vehicles are being stuck while off to the side of the roadway with their emergency lights activated, what could happen to someone driving a vehicle that is less visible? Please help us to keep our roadways safe as we travel throughout the State of New Hampshire.

  • During inclement weather, if you must be on the roadways, please:
  • Slow Down to a speed that is reasonable for these conditions,
  • Move over for emergency vehicles,
  • Heed the warnings listed on the DOT messaging signs,
  • And give more space between your vehicle and others in an effort to give you increased reaction time.
  • Don't drive distracted; and please wear your seatbelt.

We at the New Hampshire State Police believe safety is a team effort. Our team consists of State Troopers, the Department of Transportation, and you, the motoring public. Together we can be winners by making our highways safe during inclement weather conditions.

Please slow down when driving in inclement weather and move over.

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