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For Immediate Release
November 7, 2016
For more information contact:
Lieutenant Christopher Vetter
(603) 223-8490

Weekly Blotter - Troop A

Arrest Log
Date/Time Defendant/Age Defendant Address (Town) Offense/Location Trooper
11-7-2016/09:11 Tevin Reid/21 Roslindale, MA Reckless Operation/Portsmouth Tr. Gary Wood Jr.
11-8-2016/21:30 Nicholas Leone/27 Worcester, MA Transport Drugs in MV; Possession of Controlled Drugs W/Intent to Distribute/North Hampton Tr. Alexander Davis
11-10-2016/23:51 Stephen Schaeffer/37 Deerfield, NH DUI/Candia Tr. Matheus Candido
11-11-2016/01:10 John Noonan/43 Dorchester, MA Transport Drugs in MV/Portsmouth Tr. Matthew Locke
11-11-2016/19:25 Michael Costello/57 West Newbury, MA DUI/Seabrook Tr. Matthew Locke
11-11-2016/23:05 Joseph Girouard III/28 Nashua, NH Disobeying an Officer; DUI; DUI Agg Pass under 16/Portsmouth Tr. Matthew Locke
11-11-2016/23:30 Robert Blinn/54 Manchester, NH DUI; DUI Agg Pass under 16/Exeter Tr. Matheus Candido
11-12-2016/15:36 James Bruno/36 Fremont, NH DUI/Hampton Falls Tr. Jeffrey Costa
11-12-2016/16:43 Stephen Belanger/54 Brentwood, NH DUI; Conduct After Property Damage/ Brentwood Tr. George Sanborn
11-12-2016/18:05 Michael Juozokas/29 Manchester, NH Drive After Revocation/Suspension – Subsequent; Suspended Vehicle Reg/Epping Tr. Matthew Locke
11-13-2016/00:50 Hiedi Hilton/35 Somersworth, NH DUI/Rollinsford TFC Richard Perreault
11-13-2016/00:55 David Stockbridge/52 Somersworth, NH DUI Agg; DUI 2nd or 3rd; DUI/Hampton Tr. Matheus Candido
11-13-2016/02:10 Ajuoung Malual/ Portland, ME DUI; Disobeying an Officer; Resist Arrest/Detention; Transport Drugs in MV;  Drive after Rev/Suspension/Hampton Tr. Brian Gacek
11-13-2016/18:00 Timothy Witham/27 Nottingham, NH Drive after Rev/Suspension; Disobeying an Officer/Somersworth Tr. Nathaniel Goodwin
11-13-2016/23:47 Elise Roux/27 Windham, ME DUI 2nd or 3rd; Possession Controlled Drug Marijuana; Possession Cntrl Drug: Sched 1-4; Transport Drugs in MV;
Open Container; Failure to use Turn Signal/Hampton
Tr. George Sanborn

Motor Vehicle Collisions
Roadway Count
Route 95/Greenland 1
Route 95/Hampton Falls 3
Route 95/Hampton 2
Route 33/Portsmouth 1
Route 16/Dover 4
Route 16/Portsmouth 2
Route 16/Newington 4
Route 108/Dover 1
Route 155  /Madbury 1
Route 101/Exeter 1
Route 101/Auburn 3
Route 101/Candia 2
Total 25
New Hampshire Department of Safety | 33 Hazen Drive | Concord, NH 03305
TDD Access: Relay NH 1-800-735-2964
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