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For Immediate Release
September 21, 2016
For more information contact:
Captain Tim Dunleavy

Temporary Buoy Placement – Eagle Island Narrows, Lake Winnipesaukee

On 2/20/2016, divers from the Winnipesaukee Flagship Corp conducted a survey of the shallow channel located between Eagle and Governors Island in the Town of Gilford. The survey was conducted with the intent to identify any potential hazards low water levels might create for the Mt. Washington Excursion Ship.

Captain Jim Morash of the Winnipesaukee Flagship Corp. contact Marine Patrol regarding one rock posing a possible hazard. It was found approximately eight feet below the surface within the navigable channel. Upon inspection, Marine Patrol took action by placing another black topped buoy marking the rock. It is located a short distance west of Light Buoy #2 on the Governors Island side of the existing "No Wake" zone.

The depth of the rock does not pose a problem for traditional recreational boats operating on the lake. The temporary buoy will remain in place until water levels return to seasonal levels or after the final cruise of the "Mount".

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