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For Immediate Release
June 20, 2016
For more information contact:
Lieutenant Joseph T. DiRusso
(603) 223-8494

Weekly Blotter - Troop C

Arrest Log
Date/Time Defendant/Age Defendant Address (Town) Offense/Location Trooper
06/12/2016/00:10 Carlo Santiago/28 Claremont, NH DUI-Impairment/ Pleasant Street, Claremont Tr. William Neilsen
06/13/2016/08:00 Shaine Kinson/43 Sullivan, NH Simple Assault; Physical Contact or Bodily Injury/402 Gilsum Mine Road, Sullivan Tr. Aaron Gillis
06/14/2016/00:08 Dennis Chase/20 Newport, NH Operate without a Valid License/Elm Street, Newport Tr. Brian Belcher
06/14/2016/01:20 Kevin Vorce/39 Winchester, NH DUI-Impairment/ Elm Street, Winchester Tr. Kaila Merchant
06/14/2016/17:15 Derek Bobee/34 Marlborough, NH Possession of Controlled Drug: Marijuana/Hash less than 5 grams; Operate with out a Valid License-Subsequent/Concord Road at Jordan Road, Keene Sgt. William DiLegge
06/16/2016/20:15 Arthur Colby/57 Marlborough, NH Operate after Certified as Habitual Offender; DUI 2nd or 3rd; Impairment; Open Container/Route 12 by pumps in Charlestown Tr. Brian Belcher
06/17/2016/17:00 Jennifer Rawson/25 Hinsdale, NH Drive after Revocation/Suspension/by Town Beach Road, Route 10, Winchester Tr. Kaila Merchant
06/17/2016/21:05 Christopher Auld/26 Lebanon, NH Arrest Bench Warrant/Claremont Savings Bank, Claremont NH Tr. Brian Belcher
06/17/2016/22:33 Ruben Seyde/20 Fitchburg, MA Transporting Drugs in Motor Vehicle/Route 119, Fitzwilliam Tr. Thomas Byrne
06/17/2016/22:59 Adam Battaglino/52 Marlborough MA Falsify Physical Evidence, alter, destroy, hide/Hope Chapel, Route 12, Keene Sgt. William DiLegge
06/17/2016/22:58 Paul Risotti/51 Baldwinville, MA DUI; DUI Aggravated 0.16+; Possession Controlled Drugs; Marijuana/Hash less than 5 grams; Speed 11-15 over posted 55 limit; Yellow/Solid line violation; Open Container/Hope Chapel, Route 12 Keene Sgt. William DiLegge
06/18/2016/13:00 Matthew Miner/31 Gilsum, NH Arrest Bench Warrant; 39 Old Sullivan Road, Gilsum Tr. Kevin Pratt

Motor Vehicle Collisions
Roadway Count
Route 10, Town Offices, Gilsum 1
835 Route 63, Westmoreland 1
420 Lang Road, Richmond 1
Route 9 at Route 12, Keene 1
Route 10 Marlow Border with Gilsum 1
539 Gilsum Mine Road, Alstead 1
Mr. Mike's, Route 9, Stoddard 1
I 89 S/B at Mile Marker 41.8, Grantham 1
Route 9, Stoddard 1
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