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For Immediate Release
January 4, 2016
For more information contact:
Lieutenant Joseph T. DiRusso
(603) 223-8494

Weekly Blotter - Troop C

Arrest Log
Date/Time Defendant/Age Defendant
Offense/Location Trooper
12/28/15 19:08 Justin Ouellette Age 35 Claremont NH EBW Arrest/ Route 12 A, Fall Mountain High School, Langdon Tr. Brandon Dean
12/29/15 20:04 Timothy Robinson Age 24 Wellesley MA Simple Assault; Physical Contact or Bodily Injury/ Cobb Hill Estate, Harrisville Tr. Sean Eaton
12/30/15 21:00 Nicole Cox Age 37 Charlestown NH EBW Arrest/ 12 Moreways Park, Charlestown Tr. Brian Belcher
12/31/15 21:57 Rebecca Hill Age 30 Chesterfield; NH Driving after Revocation/Suspension/ Route 9 by Perkins, Chesterfield Sgt. William DiLegge
12/31/15 15:51 Sean Kennedy Age 23 Charlestown NH Misuse/Fail to Display Plates; Stop/Stand/Park in Handicapped Parking; Negligent Driving'
Simple Assault; Physical Contact or Bodily Injury;
Resist Arrest/Detention/Main Street by Medical Center next to Bank, Charlestown
Tr. Brian Belcher
12/31/15 22:10 Derek Basler Age 32 Charlestown NH Operate after Certified as Habitual Offender; DUI 2nd or 3rd: Impairment/Washington Street, Claremont TFC Stephen Lee
12/31/15 21:58 Cathrine Degarmo Age 65 Spofford NH DUI Aggravated 0.16 / Route 101 by Rotary, Keene Tr. Sean Eaton
01/01/16 21:55 Justin Decker Age 22 Groton CT DUI; Adult greater than .08/Route 11-103, Newport TFC Stephen Lee
01/01/16 04:27 Shawn Murphy Age 46 Unity NH DUI Aggravated: Passenger under 16/Chestnut Street, Claremont Tr. Brian Belcher
01/01/16 11:45 Jarrett Martin Age 40 Claremont NH Drive after Revocation/Suspension; Arrest EBW/John Stark Highway, Newport/Claremont Line Tr. William Neilsen
01/01/16 11:10 Christopher Hall Age 26 Bellows Falls VT Drive after Revocation/Suspension-Subsequent/Washington Street by Market Basket, Claremont TFC Stephen Lee
01/01/16 11:20 Bobbi Welsh Age 31 Troy NH Drive after Revocation/Suspension; Breach of Bail/Route 10 north of Gulf Station, Swanzey Sgt. Daniel Brow
01/01/16 11:59 TerrenHaskins Age 29 Richmond NH TransportDrugs in Motor Vehicle; Possession Controlled Drug: Cocaine less than ½ ounce;
Possession Controlled Drug: Heroin Crack less than 1 gram; Arrest EBW/ Route 10, Kempton Road, Swanzey
Tr. Jason Yarosz
01/02/16 01:02 Alex Gardikitios Age 26 Ayer MA License Required: Operate without Valid License; DUI-Impairment/ Fitzwilliam Road, Jaffrey Tr. Thomas Byrne
01/02/16 20:30 Justin Blaine Age 35 Charlestown; NH Drive after Revocation/Suspension or DWI; DUI-2nd or 3rd-Impairment;
Transport Drugs in Motor Vehicle; Deal or Possess Prescription Drugs/ Washington Street at Irving Station, Claremont
Tr. Brian Belcher

Motor Vehicle Collisions
Roadway Count Fatal
Base Hill Road, Keene 1 0
419 South Road
1 0
Main Street, Claremont 1 0
Route 10, Marlow 1 0


3 0
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