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In Memoriam

Lieutenant Ivan H. Hayes


Lieutenant Ivan Hayes

Lieutenant Ivan Hayes, 51, was a lifelong resident of Strafford, New Hampshire, born on September 30, 1907. He was a graduate of Austin Cate Academy, the Institute of Applied Sciences in 1928, and Harvard University Medical Legal School. He continued to study over the years and just over a year before he passed away he earned his law degree from LaSalle Extension University.

Lieutenant Hayes was a member of the New Hampshire State Police since its inception on July 1, 1937. He transferred from the Attorney General’s Office where he worked under State Investigator Ralph Caswell, the future Superintendent of the State Police. Lieutenant Hayes was also one of the fingerprint experts for the New Hampshire State Police.

In addition to his service to the State Police, Lieutenant Hayes was a member of several local and national law enforcement associations. He also served as a member of various community organizations in and around Strafford.

On July 18, 1959, Lieutenant Hayes responded to reports of a wildly driven car in his area. He decided to respond because the Trooper on duty was tied up elsewhere. When he was found, Lieutenant Hayes had suffered a heart attack. He was a valuable asset to the New Hampshire State Police and is missed greatly by his family, community, and fellow Troopers.

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