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Hand Gun/”other” DENIALS: The Division of State Police is responsible for conducting criminal background checks for handgun and “other” purchases only. If you were denied a handgun or “other” purchase, a letter will be sent out to your home address, explaining the reason for denial. Please give at least two weeks for this letter to be delivered. If further clarification is needed, please contact the GUN LINE DENIAL # at 603-223-3873 x 4 at which time you will be prompted to leave a message. A return call will be returned no later than the next business day. If needed, an appointment to review your denial will be set up with one of our staff members at that time.PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THE COUNTER WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT.

Long Gun Denials: If you were denied a rifle/long gun purchase, the Division of State Police WILL NOT be able to assist you with your denial. All long gun transactions are processed by the FBI NICS. You will need to acquire your NTN from the firearms dealer you attempted to purchase at and submit your appeal request to the FBI NICS Appeals Unit. For further information on the FBI NICS Appeals Unit please visit Firearm-Related Challenge (Appeal) and Voluntary Appeal File (VAF).



The Permits and Licensing Unit performs background checks on all individuals applying for non-resident concealed pistol licenses, armed and unarmed private investigator licenses, armed and unarmed security guard licenses, and armed and unarmed bail enforcement licenses. In addition, certificates of competency are issued for the use of explosives after successful testing. The licensing for the use, transport and storage of explosives is completed by the Permits and Licensing Unit with the inspection of explosive storage magazines performed by troopers assigned to the State Police Explosives Disposal Unit. The Permits and Licensing Unit’s Gun Line is responsible for completing background checks for all handgun purchases occurring through a Federal Firearms Licensed gun dealer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pistol and Revolver - Licensing for Pistols and Revolvers

Explosives - Licensing for the use and storage of Explosives

Security/Detectives - Licensing for Detective Agencies and Employees, and Security Services

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New Hampshire State Police
Permits and Licensing Unit
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Concord, NH 03305
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