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Justice Information Bureau
Criminal Records Unit
NIBRS Data Collection

Group A Offenses

Aggravated Assault Murder
Arson Motor Vehicle Theft
Assisting/Promoting Prostitution Negligent Manslaughter
Bribery Operating/Promoting Gambling
Burglary Pocket-Picking
Credit card/ATM Fraud Pornography
Counterfeiting/Forgery Prostitution
Drug Equipment Violations Purse-snatching
Drug/Narcotic Violations Robbery
Embezzlement Sexual Assault with an Object
Extortion/Blackmail Shoplifting
False Pretenses/Swindle/Confidence Game Simple Assault
Forcible Fondling Sports Tampering
Forcible Rape Statutory Rape
Forcible Sodomy Stolen Property
Gambling:  Betting/Wagering Theft from Building
Gambling Equipment Theft from Motor Vehicle
Impersonation Theft of Motor Vehicle Parts/Accessories
Incest Vandalism/Destruction of Property
Intimidation Weapon Law Violations
Justifiable Homicide Welfare Fraud
Kidnapping/Abduction Wire Fraud

Group B Offenses

Bad Checks
Curfew/Loitering/Vagrancy Violations
Disorderly Conduct
Driving Under the Influence
Family Offenses, Nonviolent
Liquor Law Violations
Peeping Tom
Trespass of Real Property
All Other Offenses


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