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State of New Hampshire State Police
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Justice Information Bureau
Criminal Records Unit
Laws Regulating the Release of Criminal Records

New Hampshire Records:

New Hampshire CHRI Only:

  • New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services
    • DCYF Personnel (Form DSSP 384)
    • BDS Area Agencies or Community Health Centers (Form DSSP 385)
    • DCYF Relative Criminal Check Only (Form DSSP 371)
    • DHHS Area Agencies (Form DSSP 375)
    • RSA 170-E: 29 Renewal – Foster Parents (Form DSSP 388)
    • RSA 170-E: 29 Renewal – Adoptive Parents (Form DSSP 406)
    • DCYF Intern/Volunteer Criminal Record Check (Form DSSP 409)
    • DCYF Behavioral Health Provider (Form DSSP 410)
    • DHHS Bureau of Behavioral Health (Form DSSP 411)
    • PL 108-79 Federal Prison Rape Elimination Act [Contractor] (Form DSSP 413)
    • PL 108-79 Federal Prison Rape Elimination Act [Staff] (Form DSSP 414)
    • DCYF Transportation & Child In Home Care (Form DSSP 416)
    • RSA 170-E:29 Foster/Adoptive Adult Household Member (Form DSSP 427)
    • RSA 170-E:7 II Child Care NH ONLY (Form DSSP 407)
    • RSA 170-E:29-a:II Child Care Institutions NH ONLY (Form DSSP 407)
  • Consumer Reporting (Form DSSP 408)

FBI Records:

  • New Hampshire School Employee Background
  • New Hampshire Banking Department
    • Consumer Credit (Form DSSP 424)
    • Banking Division (Form DSSP 419)
      • RSA 383-A:3 – 305 Organizers, Directors, and Owners of State Banks
      • RSA 383-E:3 – 304 Organizers, Directors, and Executives Officers of Credit Unions
    • Employees (Form DSSP 426)
      • RSA 383:7 Banking Department Employees
  • New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services
    • RSA 170-E:29 Foster Parents
    • RSA 170-E:4 License Exempt Child Care
    • RSA 170-E:29 Foster Parents
    • RSA 170-B:18 Adoptive Parents
    • RSA 170-E:7 II Child Care (Form DSSP 381)
    • RSA 170-E:29-a:II Child Care Institutions (Form DSSP 381)
    • RSA 170-E:7 II License Exempt Child Care (Form DSSP 372)
    • RSA 170-E:7 II TANF Requests for Child Care Form (Form DSSP 376)
    • RSA 170-B:18 New Applicant – Adoptive Parents (Form DSSP 389)
    • RSA 328-I:7 Applicants for Initial Registration/Reinstatement as a Medical Technician (Form DSSP 412)
    • RSA 126-X:4,8 Therapeutic Cannabis Program (Form DSSP 415)
    • 43 C.F.R. 455.434 NH Medicaid Program (Form DSSP 417)
  • New Hampshire Board of Nursing
  • New Hampshire Board of Medicine
    • RSA 329:11A Applicants to Practice Medicine (Physicians and Surgeons) (Form DSSP 373)
    • RSA 328-D:3-A Physicians Assistant (Form DSSP 374)
  • New Hampshire Municipalities
    • RSA 41:9-b Employee Candidate Background Checks (Form DSSP 391)
  • New Hampshire Racing and Charitable Gaming Division
    • RSA 287-D:8 Licensing of Game Operators (Form DSSP 392)
    • RSA 287-D:8 VII Games of Chance Facility License (Form DSSP 425)
  • New Hampshire Board of Licensing for Alcohol and Other Drug Use Professionals
  • NH Real Estate Appraisers Board
    • RSA 310-B:6-a State Licensed or Certified Real Estate Appraisers (Form DSSP 393)
  • NH Department of Safety
    • RSA 21-P:15-C Employee Candidate Background Checks (Form DSSP 386)
    • RSA 153-A Emergency Medical Service Provider Licensing (Form DSSP 421)
  • NH County Employee
    • RSA 28:10-C Employee Candidate Background Checks (Form DSSP 383)
  • NH Driver Education Instructor
  • NH Serve America Act
    • Federal Public Law 111-13, known as the Serve America Act (SAA) authorizes and expands national service programs administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service (Corporation) and requires National Service Criminal History Checks for individuals who serve in positions that receive living allowances, stipends, national service educational awards, or salaries from the Corporation. Section 1612 of the SAA added Section 189D to the National and Community Service Act of 1990, by expanding the types of programs requiring criminal history record checks, mandating enhanced (FBI) criminal background checks for individuals working with vulnerable populations (children, elderly or disabled). A NH state criminal history record check is also required. (Form DSSP 394)
  • Hawkers, Peddlers, & Vendors
    • RSA 31: 102-a and RSA 31: 102-b Powers and Duties of Towns - This statute also requires a municipal ordinance authorized by the FBI, predicated upon a state “umbrella” statute. (Form DSSP 390)
  • RSA 151-A:6-A Nursing Home Administrators (Form DSSP 420)
  • RSA 21-J:3-A Department of Revenue Employee Candidate Background Checks (Form DSSP 422)
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