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Communications Maintenance Unit

The New Hampshire State Police Communications Maintenance Unit is responsible for the installation, programming, and servicing of two-way voice and data communications equipment owned or operated by all divisions within the New Hampshire Department of Safety as well as other state and local public safety departments.

In addition to the statewide radio network, unit personnel are responsible for the installation and maintenance of two-way mobile and portable radios, vehicle emergency lights and sirens, in-vehicle video systems, and radar speed tracking units.

Unit personnel also continue to assist the University of New Hampshire Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering with the Consolidated Advanced Technologies Program known as Project 54. Project 54-equipped vehicles feature in-vehicle hands-free control of communications devices and state of the art mobile data systems, which are supported by the statewide digital astro mobile data network. Additionally, unit personnel are involved in the installation of integrated digital radar, updated in-vehicle video camera systems, and the components of a mobile wireless access network system which provides law enforcement computer data information updates directly to the on-board P-54 computer system in Division vehicles.

Additional phases of infrastructure reconfiguration and expansion planned for the future will support acquisitions of IP-based microwave interconnect links for the NH Department of Safety Statewide Communications Interoperability Project (SCIP), the NH Department of Transportation Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) project along the I-93 and I-95 Corridors, and a multi-agency Stimulus Broadband Access Project under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

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