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Forensic Laboratory

forensic lab photoThe State Police Forensic Laboratory is the sole provider of traditional forensic laboratory services in New Hampshire. The Forensic Laboratory routinely receives and analyzes evidence from over 220 city and town police departments, nine state law enforcement agencies including the State Police, ten county sheriffs departments, numerous city and town fire departments, and, on occasion, federal law enforcement agencies conducting criminal investigations in the state.

The State Police Forensic Laboratory is nationally certified by the Association of Crime Laboratory Director’s – Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB) and was recertified in 2009. The laboratory will eventually undergo certification under ISO 17025 standards in 2014. 

The services offered by the New Hampshire State Police Forensic Laboratory include firearms/toolmarks, latent impression, DNA, serology, digital evidence, trace, controlled substances examinations, blood and breath alcohol testing as well as the analysis of controlled substances in urine, blood and other biological samples.

As part of the statewide Cyber Crime Initiative, a remote forensic viewing station permits law enforcement agencies to submit digital evidence to the laboratory in order to create forensic duplicates and put these images on a server.  The investigators are then given a password and IP address to connect over the secure network in order to review their case using AccessData’s Forensic Toolkit (FTK) Case Reviewer software.  Any evidence is then copied to a DVD or printed at the laboratory for evidentiary purposes.  This leading edge solution has continued to put New Hampshire in the forefront on digital evidence examinations.

The procurement of over $125,000 in grants has allowed the Forensic Laboratory to acquire DNA equipment that has automated certain processes enabling the laboratory to analyze additional DNA samples from numerous homicide, sexual assault and burglary cases for input into a state-wide database and the national database referred to as the COmbined DNA Index System or CODIS, where comparisons and ultimately matches would be effected.  A match between a known sample taken from a New Hampshire convicted offender and a biological sample retrieved from an 18-year old Alaskan homicide victim in 1994 demonstrates this technology’s great value and borderless potential. 

The Forensic Laboratory continues to place the utmost attention to accuracy and scientific integrity of the analyses conducted within the laboratory.  All laboratory personnel will continue to contribute to the successful completion of the laboratory's central purpose of providing quality technical service to New Hampshire’s law enforcement agencies.

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