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Troop G - Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
Special Services Section
Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I file a complaint for fraudulent sale of a motor vehicle, fraudulent possession of drivers license, or fraudulent registration of a vehicle?
    Make a written complaint by mail to NH State Police Troop G. Please include copies of supporting documentation. Recommended documents include: copy of the vehicle title, copy of vehicle registrations, documents supporting out-of-state residency, signed affidavits, odometer disclosure statements, and vehicle bills of sale. NOTE: Please do not send original documents.
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  • Can I file a complaint anonymously?
    Anonymous complaints are discouraged, however, each complaint will be followed up with some investigation and verification.
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  • Does the Special Services Section investigate all identification (ID) theft in the state?
    No, it only investigates ID theft involving DMV documents filed in the victims name fraudulently. Your local law enforcement agent investigates all other ID theft. The Special Services Section will assist other law enforcement agencies upon request.
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  • Whom do I contact if I believe my vehicle has been taken through fraudulent means?
    Contact your local law enforcement agency. The Special Services Section will investigate the fraudulent filing of DMV documents used in committing the crime.
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