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Hazard Mitigation
Severe Repetitive Loss

Hurricane Irene flooding
Hurricane Irene Flooding
in Warren

The Severe Repetitive Loss (SRL) grant program was authorized by the Bunning-Bereuter-Blumenauer Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2004, which amended the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968 to provide funding to reduce or eliminate the long-term risk of flood damage to severe repetitive loss (SRL) structures insured under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Definition: The definition of severe repetitive loss as applied to this program was established in section 1361A of the National Flood Insurance Act, as amended (NFIA), 42 U.S.C. 4102a. A SRL property is defined as a residential property that is covered under an NFIP flood insurance policy and:

(a) That has at least four NFIP claim payments (including building and contents) over $5,000 each, and the cumulative amount of such claims payments exceeds $20,000;

(b) For which at least two separate claims payments (building payments only) have been made with the cumulative amount of the building portion of such claims exceeding the market value of the building.

For both (a) and (b) above, at least two of the referenced claims must have occurred within any ten-year period, and must be greater than 10 days apart.

Purpose: To reduce or eliminate claims under the NFIP through project activities that will result in the greatest savings to the National Flood Insurance Fund (NFIF).

  • Cost Share: 75% Federal Funds / 25% State or Local Share
  • 90% Federal Funds / 10% State or Local Funds with Repetitive Loss Strategy

Recent Projects

Londonderry- Elevation: The Town of Londonderry and residents of Brookview Drive experienced repeated flooding of their homes. The end of the road is at the confluence of two brooks which annually flood due to heavy rainfall, snow melt, or other natural environmental factors. FEMA and NH HSEM collaborated with Londonderry to elevate those homes at greatest risk to flooding damage. The link below provides more information on this project.

Home elevation in Londonderry
Home elevation in Londonderry
Home elevation in Londonderry
Home elevation in Londonderry
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